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27 Jun 2014
June is National Safety Month, which is a good reminder that many landscaping and tree care projects are best left to professionals like Embark Services.

National Safety Month Tips For Safe Landscaping and Tree Care

June is National Safety Month, which is designed to raise awareness of ways to be safer in our homes, businesses and outdoor areas. Since a large number of accidental injuries and deaths occur on residential properties, it is important to be aware of common outdoor dangers to avoid, and ways to be safe during landscape or tree care projects.

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20 Jun 2014
It's critical for property owners to develop a strategic plan to recover quickly after a hurricane, including getting emergency storm services and tree removals.

Preparations For Hurricane Season: After The Storm Has Passed

Hurricane season officially kicked off on June 1, and Houston's close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico means we would likely be impacted by an approaching hurricane or tropical storm.

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17 Jun 2014
Tree damage is the most common kind of damage in Houston after a hurricane or major storm, but Embark can help protect trees and property before a storm hits.

Preparations For Hurricane Season: Before A Storm Hits

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season, which means meteorologists and weather channels will be closely monitoring the tropics for any signs of storms or hurricane activity. Although technology allows us to know well in advance of approaching storms or hurricanes, it is critical for Houstonians to take proactive steps now to help protect themselves, relatives, and property from any kind of hurricane damage.

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10 Jun 2014
Tree topping is an outdated and dangerous practice which can significantly harm both the health and beauty of trees.

Understanding The Dangers of Tree Topping

There are many important facets of tree care and maintenance, including regular fertilization, correct hydration, root system protection, and proper tree pruning. When maintained correctly, a tree can grow and thrive for generations, but when tree care is performed incorrectly, it can severely harm the tree and even lead to tree death. One part of tree maintenance often performed incorrectly is tree pruning.

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20 May 2014
Make sure your property meets your outdoor needs through Embark's quality landscaping and tree care services.

Is Your Property Meeting Your Needs?

People buy homes in the Houston area for a variety of reasons, which can include a desire for home ownership, proximity to good schools, greater home values, shorter work commutes, and more square footage. After time, a property might no longer meet individual or family needs, particularly in regards to outdoor enjoyment and usage. Every few years, homeowners should evaluate whether or not their current property is meeting their specific outdoor needs.

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16 May 2014
Apartment complexes can increase outdoor safety for residents and visitors through quality landscape maintenance and tree care from Embark Services.

Improving Outdoor Safety In Apartment Complexes

When renters are searching for an apartment complex to call home, there are several factors that weigh heavily in their decision. Apartment complex owners and managers will often appeal to potential renters by promoting their low rents, affordable utilities, desirable location, vast amenities, and spacious apartment units. In this competitive market, another way apartment complexes can attract and retain renters is to improve the outdoor safety and beauty of the complex.

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13 May 2014
Embark's Commercial Landscape Maintenance protects the health of the property, the value of the land and the safety of the owners and other visitors.

Commercial Properties Benefit From Quality Landscaping and Tree Care

Businesses and commercial property owners are always on the search for new and inventive ways to attract more customers, tenants, and positive feedback. Some businesses opt for catchy advertising, while others might utilize giveaways or other gimmicks. However, businesses and commercial property owners can easily attract new customers, tenants, and positive attention through stunning commercial landscaping and beautiful shade trees.

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29 Apr 2014
LMC's commitment to excellence includes rigorous safety training for crew members to keep them safe while performing dangerous tasks.

LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Safety First

In our previous blog post, we looked at how LMC's commitment to excellence results in hiring the best individuals as LMC crew members. That constant strive for excellence and total customer satisfaction also drives LMC to always put safety first. LMC's crew stays safe while performing dangerous projects, and customers and their property remain protected as well.

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25 Apr 2014
Clients can be assured that LMC's crew members are safe, professional, efficient and committed to excellence in all they do.

LMC’s Commitment to Excellence: Hiring The Best People

A company is only as good as its employees, and this is especially true in the tree care and landscape industry. Quality employees are at the heart of LMC, and by hiring the best people LMC ensures that projects are always performed with skill, professionalism, safety and efficiency. LMC's commitment to excellence means residential and commercial clients gain peace of mind knowing LMC hires honest, hard working, experienced and safe crew members.

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18 Apr 2014
Embark's Certified Arborists provide expert tree care with industry-leading safety techniques and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Certified Arborist?

In the Houston area, there are hundreds of basic tree workers willing to perform tree services for a quick dollar. However, hiring these amateur and untrained workers can put tree health in serious jeopardy and can even put owners at risk because of their unsafe practices and possible liability issues. What can property owners do if they need tree work performed but want to avoid unsafe amateur tree workers? The answer is simple: hire a Certified Arborist to care for the trees on your residential or commercial property.

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