Four Reasons Why Your Place of Worship Needs Quality Landscaping and Tree Care

Four Reasons Why Your Place of Worship Needs Quality Landscaping and Tree Care

Houston is home to hundreds of churches, temples and places of worship throughout the greater metropolitan area. For many, these houses of worship represent community, family, and love, so caring for these properties is a high priority for parishioners. Unfortunately, many Houston area churches and temples find themselves with beautiful interior areas, and poorly maintained exterior spaces. In today’s blog post, we will look at four reasons why your place of worship needs quality landscaping and tree care.

Offers Beautiful Area For Community

Having a beautifully maintained landscape offers a safe and pleasant outdoor space for the community to enjoy throughout the year. A house of worship can often be a crown jewel of the community, with lush grass, tranquil gardens, and majestic shade trees. This is especially important for churches or temples in parts of Houston with little green space or few parks nearby.

Increases Outreach Opportunities

A well kept lawn and shaded outdoor area provides the perfect place for churches and temples to host events for parishioners and outreach opportunities for the surrounding community. Churches, temples, and other places of worship can have a stunning outdoor setting to meet and welcome their neighbors and guests on a regular basis.

Improves Property Safety

One of the added benefits to having regular, professional landscape and tree care maintenance is that the church or temple property can become much safer for parishioners and guests. With professional landscaping and tree care, a church is less likely to have falls or injuries occur on their outdoor property due to uneven lawns, tall grass or broken tree limbs. In addition, it can also reduce the threat of invasive rodents and insects on the property.

Provides Cost Savings and Additional Security

Evergreen trees and hedges can help provide additional security, noise reduction, and privacy for church offices and other secured areas of the facility. Also, healthy and well-maintained shade trees can help lower energy costs by providing cooling shade throughout the year.

If you belong to a church, temple or other place of worship in need of an improved landscape and tree maintenance, call LMC for more information on our Commercial Management Services. We offer safe, efficient, and top-quality landscape and tree care services at competitive rates. Our Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals provide a full range of services, including Commercial Landscape MaintenanceTree PruningTree PlantingSeasonal Color Planting and MulchingIrrigation InstallationTree RemovalDrainage Services, and Tree Preservation Services for historic or exotic trees. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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