How Hurricane Harvey May Have Impacted Your Commercial Property

How Hurricane Harvey May Have Impacted Your Commercial Property

Hurricane Harvey devastated many commercial properties across the Gulf Coast region of Texas this past August, particularly in the greater Houston area. While commercial property owners were focused on mucking out and renovating their commercial buildings, their physical landscapes were also impacted.

Although some damage was evident immediately, many commercial property owners are just now starting to understand the scope of the damage and impact Hurricane Harvey brought to their lawns, landscape gardens, and trees. In today’s LMC post, we look at how Houston’s commercial properties have been impacted long-term by Hurricane Harvey, and how LMC can help commercial properties fully recover.

Contaminated Water

The most obvious cause of damage to the grass, plants, and trees on Houston commercial properties after Harvey is the contaminated floodwaters that may have remained on the property for days or even weeks. This floodwater likely contained a mix of dirt, trash, chemicals, raw sewage, and other waste that harmed the health of plant life on the commercial site. Even after the water evaporated, the contamination it left behind may have ruined soil health, which can prevent grass, trees, and plants from getting vital nutrients, oxygen, and water. Contaminated soil can be removed and replaced with healthy soil containing essential minerals and nutrients needed for health and growth.

Soil Erosion

Commercial properties that did not experience property flooding from Hurricane Harvey may have still been impacted by heavy rainfall because of the fast-moving runoff and the resulting soil erosion. As soil erodes from a commercial site, it can make trees unstable and more likely to topple because it washes away the topsoil that holds the tree and root system in place. In addition, soil erosion can also lead to grass and plant death as they depend on soil nutrients vital to their health and growth. Commercial sites can be restored to health through the installation of healthy topsoil to replace what floodwaters may have washed away.

Soil Compaction

Businesses in Houston impacted by Hurricane Harvey have had to rely on heavy-duty equipment and service vehicles to carry away debris, make repairs, and tear down damaged structures. While they’ve been important to rebuilding efforts, the use of large equipment and vehicles can easily result in soil compaction as their heavy weight packs the soil down. Soil compaction can lead to poor plant health and even plant death as the compacted soil prevents plant life from getting oxygen, water, and other soil nutrients. Soil Aeration services can restore soil health that has been compromised due to soil compaction, ensuring that water and oxygen can reach root systems and that the soil remains loose and healthy.

LMC is proud to help businesses recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey through our full range of top quality Commercial Landscape Management services and Tree Care. Our team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists can assess the health and stability of your commercial site, recommend treatment and maintenance options, and perform all services in a safe, prompt, and professional manner, all at competitive rates. Give LMC a call today for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation.

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