Installing Irrigation Systems In Time For Hot Weather

Installing Irrigation Systems In Time For Hot Weather

If you spend any length of time in the Houston area, you learn that Houston has great food, friendly people, and very humid, hot weather for a large portion of the year. For this reason, homeowners and commercial property owners have to take extra precautions with the summer heat to protect their lawns, landscape gardens and trees to keep them well hydrated. While some property owners try to stay ahead of the summer heat by dragging out garden hoses and small sprinklers each year, the best course of action is to have a top-quality irrigation system installed on your property to ensure thorough, regular watering of your property all year long.

An irrigation system is much more than a way to get water onto your lawns, landscape gardens and trees – it is a water management system that offers scheduled irrigation in hot weather, water conservation through efficient water distribution, and savings throughout the year. Many times simply using a garden hose or small sprinkler to water your property wastes a great deal of time, energy, money and water.

Garden hoses and small sprinklers require constant movement and repositioning to ensure every section of your property is well hydrated, which can result in a big loss of time and energy, particularly in the middle of Houston’s summer heat. In addition, using simple garden hoses and smaller sprinkler systems can be a waste of money as hoses and smaller sprinklers can experience wear and tear and have to be replaced more often than a high-quality irrigation sprinkler system made from long-lasting components.

Finally, watering your lawn, landscape gardens and trees yourself can lead to a great deal of water waste from inefficient placement of garden drip hoses and small sprinklers, which can lead to excess watering in some spots, under watering in other sections, and overall higher water costs throughout the year. By ensuring your property receives the right amount of water, you also avoid the added expense of replacing costly trees, shrubs, plants, and sections of grass that might not survive the Houston summer heat.

By choosing a high-quality irrigation sprinkler system for your home or commercial property, you are protecting the longevity and vitality of your lawns, landscape gardens and trees through proper hydration. In addition, you receive the added benefit of more time to focus on your other priorities while also saving expenses and additional maintenance costs down the road.

Some property owners have taken the proactive step of getting an irrigation system installed but find they need to have some minor repair work done or have the system tested for efficiency. Whether you need a new irrigation system installed or need maintenance performed on your existing irrigation system, LMC can help with all your irrigation system needs. LMC’s expert Landscape Professionals can work with you to design and install an irrigation system that leaves your property well hydrated throughout the year, and they will maintain the system to ensure maximum efficiency in the future. Request a consultation today with LMC, or contact LMC for more information on how to protect your property before Houston’s hot weather returns.

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