Bed and Border Weed Control: Making a Difference On Your Property

Bed and Border Weed Control: Making a Difference On Your Property

A beautiful, thriving turf or landscape garden can be the crown jewel of any commercial property. However, keeping your lawn and landscape garden healthy and beautiful requires regular upkeep, and in Houston’s warm temperatures and high humidity, that maintenance can be a real challenge.

One of the major parts of commercial landscape management is weed control and weed removal, particularly in landscape garden beds and around the perimeter of your property. Having unkempt grass borders and overgrown landscape gardens full of weeds is detrimental to the health, beauty and value of your property, and can quickly lead to a large number of problems. However, establishing a regular Bed and Border Weed Control program can protect and preserve the life and aesthetic qualities of your property.

The first major benefit to consistent Bed and Border Weed Control is that your property remains a vibrant and stunning outdoor space, rather than an eyesore that decreases your enjoyment of your commercial property. Having a landscape garden cleared from weeds and a turf with no weeds or overgrowth at the borders highlights the natural beauty of your property and increases your overall value and enjoyment for you, your customers, and employees. You are able to better display specific seasonal flowers and plants, whether native or exotic blooms, and can utilize more of your outdoor space since the worry of unsightly weeds is eliminated.

Secondly, having ongoing Bed and Border Weed Control services in place protects your property from damage caused by invasive and persistent weed growth. Left untreated, weeds can quickly overtake landscape gardens and turfgrass, causing damage or even plant death. Also, weeds also have the ability to penetrate ornamental stonework, rock gardens, sidewalks and pathways, resulting in cracks and other costly damage. Establishing a regular Bed and Border Weed Control service significantly reduces the chances of enduring costly repairs and replacement of your plants, turfgrass and stonework because of weed damage.

In addition, eliminating invasive weeds from your landscape gardens and turfgrass also ensures that you stay within the guidelines of your deed restrictions, lease agreement, or zoning requirements for commercial landscape maintenance. An overgrown landscape garden or unkempt entrance can quickly result in terse letters from commercial management offices, potentially leading to fines and other repercussions. For commercial property owners, not having a Bed and Border Weed Control program in place can bring unwanted attention to your business as potential customers might be negatively influenced by your unkempt and poorly maintained property. Your property is ultimately a reflection of you as the property owner, so it is critical to maintain your Bed and Border Weed Control issues.

LMC, Houston’s premiere single-source solution for commercial and industrial Weed Control Services, is pleased to offer Bed and Border Weed Control services that target invasive and unsightly weeds in turfgrass, landscape gardens and along lawn borders. Their high-quality Bed and Border Weed Control services identify and eliminate invasive weeds through their specialized weed treatment, applied safely and effectively so that your weeds are targeted but your plants and grass are protected. Request a consultation from their Landscape Professionals, credentialed by the Texas Department of Agriculture, or contact LMC for more information.

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