Seasonal Color Plant Installation and Mulching

On of the most effective ways to increase the aesthetic value and positive attention of your commercial property is through a unique and vibrant landscape garden of seasonal color. LMC's Landscape Professionals can design, install and maintain a beautiful landscape garden with annuals and plants that reflect the season and offer stunning color combinations to add to your commercial landscape's natural beauty.

Add beauty and value to your property through the addition of seasonal color planting and mulching, performed by the Landscape Professionals of Embark Services.To maximize the benefit of seasonal annuals and color plants in your commercial landscape gardens, LMC's landscape experts will first prepare the soil to ensure solid planting and consistent growth by establishing healthy soil composition so the plants receive needed nutrients. Their Landscape Professionals will then make sure the landscape gardens receive sufficient sunlight and shade, depending on the plant needs.

In addition, the irrigation needs will be evaluated to ensure proper hydration for the seasonal color planting so the landscape gardens can be enjoyed for as long as possible. Finally, the commercial landscape garden will receive thorough mulching to ensure key nutrients and moisture is retained to maximize growth and plant health. Proper mulching reduces weed growth, keeping your landscape well maintained and your seasonal plants free from weeds that compete for moisture and soil nutrients. LMC is please to offer a variety of mulch options to meet aesthetic, moisture retention and weed control needs. Their mulch options are also environmentally friendly and will help protect your investment of a quality landscape garden.

LMC's seasonal color services include:

  • Flower bed design and installation
  • Mulch installation
  • Removal of withered/dead flowers and plants
  • Soil preparation, soil amendment and fertilization
  • Ongoing landscape garden maintenance
  • Rotation of seasonal annuals selection
  • Container bed installation

To find out how LMC can partner with you to develop a stunning commercial landscape garden that brings beauty and value to your property, contact the Landscape Professionals of LMC today, or request a consultation today.

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