Three Important Differences Between Professional and Amateur Landscape Companies

Three Important Differences Between Professional and Amateur Landscape Companies

During the busy growing season for commercial properties, it is important to have regular landscape and tree care maintenance to ensure plant life is healthy and beautiful. However, not all commercial landscape companies provide the same level of service or care for lawns, trees, and plants, so it’s important to understand the distinctions between professional and amateur landscape companies. In today’s LMC blog post, we’ll highlight three of the most important differences to help educate consumers about why commercial properties benefit most from professional care and maintenance.

Quality Of Care

When you choose trained and accredited Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists for your commercial property care, you’re putting your commercial property in the hands of individuals who have spent years learning landscape and tree care. Landscape Professionals understand all facets of plant life, including which ones are native and grow best in our climate, optimal soil health, water and fertilization needs, ideal planting locations, and how best to prevent damage from insects or diseases.

Likewise, Certified Arborists know all about tree care, including proper pruning techniques, ideal planting locations, native and exotic tree care, and maintenance needs. Simply put, their expertise is best for your property’s immediate and long-term health.

Safety And Liability Protection

Another important distinction between amateur and professional landscape companies is their commitment to total project safety, both for the property and for the workers. Professional landscape and tree care companies adhere to federal safety guidelines to ensure worker safety, including the use of Personal Protective Equipment for employees to reduce onsite accidents and injuries. In addition, professional landscape and tree care companies also comply with industry standards for care and safety to help reduce accidents or property damage.

Amateur landscape and tree crews will often forgo most worker safety equipment and will perform their work in unsafe ways, creating potential liability issues for commercial property owners. They may also have little to no commercial insurance coverage for their work or employees, also increasing the liability risk for property owners.

Diagnostic Capabilities

Finally, professional landscape and tree care companies offer a more robust variety of services, including Diagnostic Services to identify and treat potential issues threatening property health. Whereas amateur crews might simply cut grass, prune shrubs, and trim trees, professional landscape companies will also be able to identify and treat issues such as noxious weed growth, invasive insects, tree or plant diseases, irrigation system malfunctions, or issues with soil health. In addition to offering diagnostic services, professional companies can also handle immediate treatment or repairs to restore property health.

If you’re a commercial property owner or manager, make sure you’re entrusting your property health to professionals such as the Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists of LMC. Our team performs all work with the utmost professionalism, safety, and efficiency, resulting in stunning properties and healthy trees. Contact LMC at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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