Three Signs Your Soil Might Be Unhealthy

Three Signs Your Soil Might Be Unhealthy

Soil is the lifeline of a property, and commercial properties are only as healthy and stable as the soil surrounding trees, plants, and grass. However, many commercial property owners may be completely unaware that their soil is unhealthy until it’s too late, and their property’s healthy, beauty, and value suffers. Today’s blog post looks at three signs that property soil might be unhealthy, and how these can be corrected with the services of a professional landscape company.

Poor Growth

The primary indicator that there is a problem with soil health is the poor growth of grass, trees, and plants. Poor soil health can lead to dead sections of grass, withering plants and flowers, and trees with little to no leaf growth, or leaf dieback. Soil problems could include issues with soil acidity, or contamination involving chemicals or other harmful materials seeping into the soil. To help properties recover from poor growth and unhealthy soil, a soil analysis may be necessary to determine the proper treatment, and soil may need to be replaced with healthy, organic soil.

Cracked Or Dry Soil

Soil can lose its moisture and soil nutrients due to a variety of factors. For example, soil erosion from wind or excess rainfall can cause a property to become dry and dusty, making it hard for plants, trees, or grass to survive. In addition, soil can become cracked or dry due to low rainfall or little to no regular irrigation. Dry and cracked soil can slowly be restored with regular watering, as well as through professional Drainage Services to ensure rainfall flows away from the property correctly and doesn’t erode the soil.

Difficulty Digging Holes

Another telltale sign that soil health might be compromised is if it is extremely difficult to dig a hole on the property. Soil can become compacted and dense over time due to construction or heavy foot traffic, making it difficult for tree and plant roots to gain the oxygen and water necessary for growth. The correction for soil compaction is thorough Soil Aeration Services, where the soil is broken up and loosened by removing small plugs of soil throughout the property, allowing water and oxygen to reach root systems.

If you desire a healthy commercial property that thrives and looks beautiful throughout the year, then soil health must be a priority. Soil health is a primary concern at LMC, where our team of Landscape Professionals can restore the health and vitality of commercial properties and their soil. Contact LMC today about our full range of top quality Commercial Landscape Services, including Soil Aeration, Soil Analysis, Irrigation Installation and Repair, Drainage Services, and Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

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