Three Threats To Your Commercial Lawns This Summer

Three Threats To Your Commercial Lawns This Summer

When a company or developer purchases commercial real estate, they often have high expectations for the commercial landscape and how it should look. Commercial property owners want an attractive, welcoming landscape that is healthy and stable throughout the year. Unfortunately, summer brings additional threats to the health, beauty, and stability of Houston’s commercial properties. In today’s blog post, we look at the three biggest threats to commercial lawns in the summer, and how LMC can help reduce and eliminate these threats.


The most serious threat to a healthy commercial property is weed growth. Weeds can quickly overtake a commercial property and rob grass, plants, and trees of limited resources and soil nutrients. In addition to being highly unattractive, invasive weed growth can also dramatically increase the time needed for landscape maintenance, which can increase labor costs. The most common varieties found in our region are crabgrass, clover, and dandelions, as any of them can quickly spread across lawns and landscapes. Weed Control and Vegetation Management Services can significantly reduce the spread and reemergence of noxious, invasive weed growth on commercial properties across the greater Houston area.


One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a commercial lawn is keeping it watered at the correct level throughout the summer. Rainfall levels can vary dramatically from year to year, and commercial sites can suffer if there isn’t an effective irrigation system to properly water the lawn, plants, and trees. To prevent serious property damage, commercial property owners should have a smart irrigation system installed to ensure the property receives the correct amount of water at the right time of day for maximum benefit.


Finally, the last major threat to commercial properties is harder to see, but still just as dangerous to lawns and landscapes. Insects such as chinch bugs, white grubs, and fire ants can create serious problems for commercial property owners as they can quickly spread and damage grass and plants. A serious insect infestation can ruin an otherwise healthy lawn, and lead to the demise of other plants and trees on the property. Insect treatment early can help contain and eliminate the threat insects can pose on commercial properties, and help ensure that lawns and landscape gardens remain beautiful and healthy throughout the year.

LMC is pleased to offer a full range of safe, effective, and professional Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services to property owners across the greater Houston area. The Landscape Professionals of LMC can protect and promote the health of your commercial site with services such as Weed Control and Vegetation Management, Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, and Insect and Disease Treatment, as well as many other important services. Contact LMC today to ask about our full range of Commercial Services, or complete our online form to request a free consultation!

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