Three Ways Commercial Lawns Protect Our Environment

Three Ways Commercial Lawns Protect Our Environment

A growing number of Houston businesses have become serious about protecting our environment, with such efforts as reducing their corporate carbon footprint and protecting natural resources. Although recycling and water conservation are popular steps among Houston businesses, another great investment in our local environment is having healthy and vibrant commercial lawns. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three ways companies can make a significant positive impact on the environment by simply ensuring that they have a lush and healthy lawn throughout the year.

Improved Air Quality

Houston is the fourth largest city in America, with a large urban and suburban sprawl and hundreds of miles of highways, freeways, and city streets. Because we live in a commuter city, we often suffer from poor air quality due to the high levels of vehicle emissions released into the air. However, healthy commercial lawns can help improve air quality because the grass absorbs carbon dioxide from emissions and produces pure, clean oxygen. In fact, one acre of healthy grass can produce one day’s worth of oxygen for 64 people! A healthy commercial lawn creates better, cleaner air.

Cools Down Commercial Properties

Houston is home to many large, sprawling developments, commercial shopping areas, office parks, and other large business lots. Many of these developments often require a substantial amount of parking, but the large areas of asphalt and concrete commonly lead to higher temperatures near buildings and structures, especially during Houston’s hot summers. However, water evaporating from nearby grassy commercial areas can significantly cool the area around buildings, with ground level temperatures that are 20 to 30 degrees cooler than nearby paved areas. This can result in reduced energy consumption and lower energy costs for businesses and commercial property owners.

Protects Soil Health

Another added benefit to having healthy and well-maintained commercial lawns is that the surrounding soil is much better protected throughout the year. Poorly maintained lawns often experience soil erosion, even during light rains. Soil erosion can quickly lead to a health decline for grass, plants and trees as they struggle to survive on fewer soil nutrients. In addition, healthy commercial lawns can also help protect groundwater from contamination that occurs when soil erodes. Reducing soil erosion also reduces the likelihood of toxic or dangerous pesticides, chemicals, and other biohazards from entering water sources.

Commercial lawns aren’t just for aesthetic value; they also are invaluable tools to promoting and protecting our local environment. LMC supports businesses by offering top-quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services at competitive rates. LMC offers a full range of commercial services, including Seasonal Planting and MulchingIrrigation Installation and Maintenance, and Soil Aeration and Soil Analysis. Contact LMC for more information on our commercial landscape services, or go online to request a visit from our landscape experts!

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