Complete Commercial Landscape Management: One Company To Meet All Your Property Needs

Complete Commercial Landscape Management: One Company To Meet All Your Property Needs

Business owners in today’s economy understand that protecting their investments is absolutely essential in ensuring company stability and maximizing time and resources. A key investment for businesses is the proper care and ongoing maintenance for their commercial landscape and trees. The benefits of a well-maintained commercial landscape offer many benefits to businesses and property owners.

While business owners will agree that protecting their property is a valuable endeavor, not all businesses have the time to actively manage the maintenance of their commercial landscape and trees. As a result, businesses will often search for companies to oversee their landscape management needs. However, rather than hiring basic crews for occasional upkeep, it is much wiser and fiscally responsible to hire a single-source professional commercial landscape and tree care company to protect the quality and aesthetic beauty of your property and handle the intricacies of landscape management throughout the year.

Unbeknownst to business owners, most commercial landscape contractors must outsource or subcontract all requested tree work that is over their contractual scope of services tree height (typically 6-8′) since they do not have professionally-trained teams, required Workers Compensation and/or General Liability Insurance limits for arbor operations, or necessary equipment to complete such services on their own. When tree work is outsourced, the landscape contractor will mark-up the customer invoice by 20% or more and pass this extra expense along to the commercial property manager. Most property managers are unaware that their tree work has been outsourced to a subcontractor, a company that does not have a long-term vested interest in the property, and often may or may not have the required insurance liability limits required by the property owner . LMC has the tree and landscape experts, specialized equipment and resources to be our customers’ complete solution for all their property needs.

LMC offers a full range of services for commercial landscape management, tree care, and everything else needed to maintain a healthy, beautiful property. Their ISA Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals will partner with you to customize plant and maintain landscape gardens and healthy trees to ensure and increase the value of your property, promoting your business curb appeal and value to the surrounding community. Their professionally trained, uniformed team of landscape and tree care experts will work throughout the year to help your property thrive in all seasons and through any weather condition. Hiring LMC means that you can be assured that your landscape and trees are maintained safely with great care using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest in landscape and tree care standards.

In addition to commercial landscape management and tree care, LMC also offers irrigation installation, pest control, specialty and safety lighting, stonework, concrete repair and water drainage services to meet all your property maintenance needs. Request a visit today to have LMC assess your commercial landscape and tree needs, or contact LMC today for more information. Let the professionals at LMC be your commercial property’s landscape service advisor, not just a service vendor.

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