Choosing A Professional Landscape Company Benefits Commercial Property Managers

Choosing A Professional Landscape Company Benefits Commercial Property Managers

First impressions matter greatly, especially in the world of commercial property management. Commercial property managers need landscapes, trees, and lawns that reflect the professionalism and quality of their own business if they want to attract customers, leasing tenants, or even good employees. Whether managing retail centers, industrial sites, homeowners’ associations, or office parks, it is important to have a professional commercial landscape company that can meet the specific needs of the property management, while also keeping the property healthy and beautiful. Today’s blog post looks at how choosing a professional landscape company instead of amateur crews can significantly benefit commercial property management.

Regular And Clear Communication

One of the biggest differences between a professional landscape management company and amateur landscape crews is in the quality and frequency of their communication with clients. A professional landscape company will clearly communicate the scope of their services, work schedules, property needs, and updates if anything changes on their end. They’re also easier for clients to reach if an emergency occurs on the property such as a fallen tree or irrigation system leak. With amateur landscape crews, it can be a challenge for commercial property managers to reach them outside of their work schedule to make changes or request additional services. Additionally, they are far less likely to provide regular updates to clients about the condition and health of the property.

Healthier Properties

When managing a commercial property, it’s important to make sure it’s looking its best throughout the year. A professional landscape provider generally ensures that trees are strategically pruned when needed, landscape gardens are mulched and well maintained, and lawns are free from weed growth or invasive insects as part of their service contract. An amateur landscape crew will often perform the bare minimum of services, and will not usually perform proactive services such as tree pruning, mulching, or disease treatment without requiring additional payment for both labor and materials. Properties maintained by professional landscape providers are typically healthier and more stable throughout the year because of the quality of both labor and materials, resulting in better properties with increased curb appeal.

Decreased Liability

Finally, an additional benefit to choosing professional landscape providers over mom-and-pop amateur crews is that the work is performed at much higher levels of safety and efficiency. Landscape and tree care can be a very dangerous job, and amateur landscape and tree crews typically lack the commercial insurance needed to cover worksite accidents such as falls, cuts, machine accidents, or electrocution. This can make commercial property managers liable for accidents, injuries, or property damage that occurs when amateur crews are involved. Additionally, professional landscape providers can ensure that the commercial site is safe for visitors, customers, vendors, and employees by repairing or correcting issues such as uneven walkways caused by tree roots, or pruning plants and shrubs that block visibility.

A commercial property manager typically oversees a large number of responsibilities and projects, but landscape and tree care can quickly consume a large amount of valuable time and energy if partnered with the wrong landscape provider. LMC offers top quality Commercial Landscape Management services, all performed by Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists who are experts in their fields. Clients receive a clear and concise landscape management plan at competitive rates, and can have peace of mind that their properties will be well maintained, healthy, and beautiful throughout the year. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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