What does it take to manage commercial landscaping at a Class A hospital care system?

What does it take to manage commercial landscaping at a Class A hospital care system?

The most important factor in successfully managing the commercial landscaping of a Class A Hospital Care System is having a dedicated team on the project. It is about attention to detail and that requires a cohesive, detail-driven group of landscape professionals. There is a lot of research regarding landscaping having a positive effect on the healing process. Therefore, it is paramount to provide landscaping that exceeds expectations.

In order to maintain a Class A level of detail, our team takes a very proactive approach. It starts with hiring the right people.  Our account manager is the single most important person on these types of projects. They are tasked with always looking for areas to improve guided by the rule that there should never be an empty space or a dead plant for this type of property. It’s beneficial for the onsite manager to have a horticulture degree, so they bring an incredible amount of knowledge to the position. That knowledge and attention to detail will set you apart as a commercial landscaping provider and it is what helps us do an excellent job.

A Class-A hospital system typically comes with a comprehensive scope of services included. It is best to have personnel dedicated to handle issues quickly and proactively. This type of commercial landscape is typically very detail oriented. Because of the nature of clients in a hospital care system, there might be special equipment requirements in order to meet certain customer expectations. Such as defining an acceptable noise level while onsite. LMC will adapt to the needs of the property and its patients by using specialized power equipment and incorporating both old and new technologies to meet the demands of the customer.

Sometimes hospital systems will have special features such as healing gardens to aid in the patient’s healing process. An example could be a rose garden that has a varying assortment of hybrid teas and old-world roses.  It is a great representation that they can come outside at the end of the day and feel more beautiful. Many hospital systems require the use of organic products to supplement plant health care.  For instance, organic fertilizers or manual weeding of ornamental beds may make sense depending on the type and location of hospital you are performing work for.

In order to maintain class A hospital systems effectively, you have to be very creative to show that you can create and maintain a beautiful, peaceful landscape while coexisting with nature.


LMC not only takes great pride in working on these projects, but it reiterates our mission statement to make the world a more beautiful place to live, work and play. It aligns with that philosophy in that we are truly helping people heal.


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