Diverse Tree and Plant Populations Require Knowledgeable Tree Service Providers

Diverse Tree and Plant Populations Require Knowledgeable Tree Service Providers

Some regions of the country have a limited number of trees and plants that grow well due to harsh climates or soil issues. However, Texas is home to thousands of plant and tree varieties because of our warmer climate and longer growing season. Because of our region’s tree and plant diversity, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that landscape and tree care service providers are able to thoroughly care for all tree and plant varieties within our area. In today’s blog post, we discuss the importance of having knowledgeable tree and landscape service providers care for your commercial property.

Different Care Requirements

The greater Houston area is home to a wide variety of tree and plant species, each requiring different levels of care, watering, sunlight, and routine maintenance. For example, the watering and tree pruning needs of a live oak are vastly different than for a palm tree or crepe myrtle. Amateur tree and landscape companies that apply the same level of care to all trees and plants can adversely affect their growth and overall health. A knowledgeable tree service provider understands how to correctly plant, water, fertilize, and prune trees according to the specific needs of the tree type.

Soil Health Needs

Our diverse tree and plant population means property maintenance must include soil health and analysis to ensure steady growth throughout the year. Ignoring soil health, or moisture, nutrient, and mineral levels can be detrimental to all plants and trees on the property. Most amateur tree crews or day laborers have a basic understanding of our local soil conditions, but do not know how to correct soil nutrients and pH levels, or how to identify and treat soil problems than can threaten tree and plant health. A Landscape Professional or Certified Arborist has the training and expertise to know how to have healthy soil to promote tree growth and stability.

Understanding Local Threats

Our long growing period and short dormant season means tree and plants must be able to survive through our region’s most challenging weather and environmental conditions, including high heat, drought conditions, severe thunderstorms, tree diseases, and insect infestations. Knowledgeable Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists know how best to care for native and exotic trees and plants to ensure they survive all of these potential threats.

Allowing amateur tree companies or day laborers to perform tree care on your commercial property is a risky endeavor that will likely result in poor tree health. Commercial tree care is always best left to Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals who understand all facets of tree health, diagnoses, and treatments. LMC is pleased to offer professional, safe, and efficient tree care for commercial properties of all sizes and types throughout the greater Houston area. Our exceptional team performs a full range of top quality tree care services, including Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Deep Root Fertilization, Root Flare Excavation, Cabling and Bracing, Irrigation Installation, Tree Preservation, and Tree Removal services. Contact LMC for more information about our commercial maintenance services, or go online to request a free consultation!

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