Five Reason Quality Commercial Landscaping Matters

Five Reason Quality Commercial Landscaping Matters

The appearance of your commercial property is the first impression of your business. One of the most important steps all businesses should take is to invest in commercial landscaping services. Having quality landscaping is important for your business! Let’s discuss some of the reasons why landscaping makes all the difference!

1. First Impressions
Your landscape is the first thing everyone sees. Even if they are just driving by, the trees, shrubs, beds and flowers are visible. It is the first impression of your business. A well-maintain building exterior absolutely includes the landscape. If someone sees that your landscaping is unmaintained and not taken care of, that’s going to say a lot about your business. If your landscaping is pristine with correctly trimmed grass and trees, impressive hardscaping, and plenty of flowers and plants, that gives off the impression that you take care of your commercial property and therefore the interior of the building as well.

2. Attracts potential business and tenants
Just like giving a good first impression, good landscaping can help bring in new business. When people drive or walk by your business and see green grass, well-kept sidewalks, and other aesthetic features, they’re going to think highly of your business. Having a welcoming environment with good commercial landscaping can encourage potential customers to visit your business as well as potential tenants to inquire about available space.

3. Improves the overall image of your company
Give a boost to your company’s image by investing in top quality commercial landscaping services. Maintaining your landscaping with the help of a reputable commercial landscaping company will help improve your company image by showing you truly care about what people think of your business. Your current customers will see a well-maintained landscaping scene and know that you care about projecting the best image of your business to the public.

4. Keeps Things Safe & Secure
Landscaping does more than serve an aesthetic purpose — it can also help improve the security on your commercial property. Studies reveal that trees may actually help to deter crime. The University of Vermont’s analysis of Baltimore’s tree canopy revealed that crime rates decreased by 12% after adding only 10% more tree coverage. In addition, keeping trees trimmed and sidewalks in good shape can help prevent employees and customers from getting injured when walking to and from the building. If you’re looking for a way to increase safety and security while improving the looks of your commercial property, landscaping is the way to go.

5. Promotes sustainability
And lastly, commercial landscaping can even promote sustainability within the community. When you choose native plants for your commercial landscape you are providing a habitat that will help bees and other wildlife thrive. Implementing features like rainwater collection or smart irrigation systems also have a positive effect on the environment. These features can not only help the environment, but it can also be a way for you to further improve your company image in the eye of the public. Everyone loves choosing a business that considers how their actions impact the earth.

Get off on the right foot with clients and tenants by investing in your commercial landscaping. It is the first thing everyone sees, and it can make you stand out from other commercial properties in the area. Our team at LMC is available to help you assess areas for improvement on your commercial property and help you maximize both the look of your property as well as the safety and security for your tenants.

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