How To Prep Your Trees For Hurricane Season

How To Prep Your Trees For Hurricane Season

No matter how much we prepare and protect our home or business during hurricane season, there will always be areas of our property that remain vulnerable to damages from hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall. For example, our trees can be severely damaged or completely uprooted because of hurricane-force winds and torrential rainfall. Tree damage can have a significant financial impact to property owners, through the loss of valuable shade, decreased property value, increased utility bills, and even damages to nearby properties and structures. In today’s blog post, we look at how commercial property owners can prepare trees for the hurricane season so they have a greater chance of survival and are less likely to damage property.

Perform Strategic Tree Pruning

One of the most important proactive steps to perform before hurricane season arrives is strategic tree pruning. Strategic tree pruning is the trimming and/or complete removal of specific tree branches and limbs in order to improve the tree’s health, stability, and aesthetic qualities. Tree pruning can include trimming overgrown branches, removing dead or damages limbs and branches, pruning away branches too close to buildings or utility lines, and thinning out the canopy to increase sunlight to the soil below. These steps can strengthen the health of the tree, allowing it to better withstand hurricane-strength weather, and also removes dangerous limbs that could inflict serious physical harm or property damage.

Increase Tree And Soil Health

When a tree is in good health and is surrounded by healthy soil, its chances for surviving a hurricane or other serious weather event are significantly improved. Trees should be inspected before hurricane season to ensure there are no threats to tree health. Trees can be severely harmed by tree diseases like oak wilt or hypoxylon canker, or invasive insects like aphids or borers. Additionally, a tree’s root system can be compromised because of poor soil health, such as compacted soil that prevents water or soil nutrients from reaching the roots. Soil aeration can help break apart compacted soil and ensure that trees are able to get the water, oxygen, and nutrients they need to thrive all year long.

Secure With Cabling And Bracing

Finally, it’s important to protect younger or more vulnerable trees through Cabling and Bracing services to ensure there isn’t a total tree loss in the event of a hurricane. Cabling and Bracing services secure the tree and can help prevent major splits or cracks, or keep it from being completely uprooted. This proactive step is especially important to protect historic or exotic trees on a commercial property.

LMC is pleased to offer a full range of professional, safe, and efficient tree care services for commercial properties across the greater Houston area. Our team of Certified Arborists understands all facets of tree care and tree health, and strive to ensure trees look their best and are in peak health so they can better withstand hurricanes and any other kind of major weather event. Contact LMC today about our Tree Care Services for your property, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation!

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