Five Ways Churches Benefit From Professional Landscaping and Tree Care

Five Ways Churches Benefit From Professional Landscaping and Tree Care

Churches and places of worship often become cornerstones of their local neighborhood, offering both residents and nearby businesses a peaceful place to gather and build community with one another. While churches and religious centers can provide a sanctuary of hope and peace inside, the outside property can often be uninviting or even unsafe for visitors and members. Neglecting the exterior property of a house of worship can impact the church, and the neighboring community, in a negative way. In today’s blog post, we examine five ways in which churches and religious centers can benefit from professional landscaping and tree care.

Enhances Property Aesthetics And Value

Having Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists handle property maintenance enhances the overall aesthetic and property value for the church. Well-manicured lawns, beautiful landscape gardens, and tranquil shade trees offer a more welcoming and inviting atmosphere for members, visitors, and surrounding neighbors. When lawns are full of dead patches, gardens are overrun with invasive weeds, and trees are overgrown and unstable, it can quickly make a church or house of worship become a community eyesore.

Increases Church Security

Professional landscape and tree care can significantly increase property security and privacy for church assets and offices. Strategic tree planting and tree pruning can provide additional security and privacy, and shrubs can be planted near windows to reduce access from criminals or vandals. Although churches and other places of worship are typically open to all, it is still important to maintain security to protect church assets such as computers, audio/visual equipment, church vehicles, furniture, financial records, and other valuable church property.

Improves Property Safety

One significant benefit of having professional landscape and tree care for church facilities is that it improves safety across the property, reducing the likelihood for dangerous and painful trips and falls among members and visitors to the property. Overgrown trees or unkempt landscaping can pose hazards to individuals walking along the church property, and can also damage nearby property such as buildings or vehicles.

Reduces Liability Issues

Some churches, religious centers, and houses of worship have their properties maintained by church volunteers or amateur tree crews and landscapers in order to reduce property maintenance costs. However, when amateur landscape or tree crews or church volunteers perform property maintenance for the church or religious center, there are major liability risks for the church if a worker or volunteer is injured while working on the property. A professional landscape and tree care company will have the commercial insurance coverage in place to cover lost wages and medical expenses related to a worksite injury on church property.

Expands Opportunities For Outdoor Events

Having beautiful, quality landscaping and trees allows churches and other places of worship to offer more outdoor events for the church and surrounding community. Healthy and lush greenspace can be the perfect location for outreach events and family activities, making the church a safe and desirable location for community events.

Churches, religious centers, and other houses of worship deserve to have beauty and tranquility on their outside property to match the beauty and peacefulness visitors and members will find on the inside. LMC is pleased to offer Houston area churches, places of worship, and religious facilities top quality Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services, performed by Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists, and all at competitive rates. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to schedule a free consultation!

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