What Sets LMC Apart From Competitors

What Sets LMC Apart From Competitors

Houston is home to thousands of different companies and small businesses across various industries and specialties. Although many businesses exist within a single industry, their overall customer service, work quality, and professionalism can vary greatly. So, how can consumers know which company to work with when there are so many choices in the field? In today’s blog post, we will examine what sets LMC Services apart from its competitors, and how customers can benefit by choosing LMC for their commercial landscape and tree care services.

Family Owned

LMC is a family owned company, meaning they understand the unique needs of local small businesses and commercial property owners who desire a beautiful, healthy property at a competitive rate. They also understand the need for commercial property owners to protect their business future and property investment with stunning commercial landscaping and tree care.

Local Business

Being a Texas-based company, LMC understands the unique makeup of area soil, landscapes, wildlife, grass types, climate, native trees, plants, weather conditions, and diseases and insects common to our area. This in-depth understanding ensures that landscapes, plants, and trees receive the best kind of care throughout the year. This also makes LMC the ideal service provider for both short-term projects (such as irrigation system installation, tree planting, emergency storm services, and drainage services) and long-term property care.

Safety First

Too often, local tree and landscape companies sacrifice safety in the name of making a quick dollar. As a result, companies that forgo OSHA worksite safety procedures or personal protective equipment suffer far more onsite accidents and employee injuries. The landscape and tree care industry has long been known as one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, so LMC makes worker safety a top priority to reduce the threat of accidents or injuries.

Protecting The Environment

LMC is committed both to excellence and preserving the local resources of our environment. LMC performs landscape and tree care without compromising quality, jeopardizing valuable resources, or threatening native wildlife. Sadly, many tree and landscape competitors fail to see the purpose in protecting our natural resources, and contribute to the problem by adding tree debris and green waste to landfills instead of getting them recycled.

LMC is proud to partner with Houston area businesses and residents to offer top quality commercial landscape and tree care to ensure properties remain beautiful, healthy, and valuable for years to come. Contact LMC today about our full range of tree and landscape services and how we can resolve any existing property issues or add property enhancements to make your land a crown jewel to be admired for years to come.

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