How Can Landscape Lighting Improve Security on Commercial Properties?

How Can Landscape Lighting Improve Security on Commercial Properties?

Commercial properties may look stunning and inviting during the daytime, but can appear unattractive and unsafe in the evening without proper landscape lighting. Although it might seem unnecessary, landscape lighting can offer substantial benefits to commercial property owners from a safety perspective. Without landscape lighting strategically placed throughout a commercial property, businesses might become a bigger target for thieves, robbers, and vandals. Today’s blog post looks at exactly how landscape lighting can make such a big impact on the overall security of a commercial property.

Illuminate Dark Areas

The most important benefit to come from the installation of landscape lighting is that it illuminates areas of the property that are dark and provide ideal hiding places for criminals. When a commercial site is well lit, especially those with banks, restaurants, or retail areas, criminals have fewer places to hide and wait for potential victims. In addition, it also provides peace of mind and safety or employees, visitors, and customers as they walk to their vehicles at night.

Improves Security System Visibility

A security system is only as good as what it can capture, and landscape lighting can go a long way in improving overall visibility to help identify and apprehend criminals on commercial properties. It can provide the necessary lighting needed to clearly capture thieves or vandals on camera or video monitoring systems, helping law enforcement with identification. Clear identification can lead to arrests and convictions, deterring future criminals from targeting the business.

Deters Wildlife

Finally, security lighting or motion detector lights can deter wildlife or rodents from approaching the property or causing damages. Some businesses are plagued by constant infestations of rodents or small animals foraging for food or seeking shelter. Landscape lighting can help deter these creatures from making a home on commercial properties, and may also assist animal control services in locating and removing unwanted animals from the property.

Landscape Lighting is an invaluable resource for commercial properties of all sizes, and LMC can help install and maintain landscape lighting systems for commercial property owners throughout the greater Houston area. LMC can identify the optimal locations for landscape lighting placement, and can ensure that all landscape lighting is in full working order throughout the year. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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