What Is Xeriscaping And How Does It Help Commercial Properties?

What Is Xeriscaping And How Does It Help Commercial Properties?

Commercial property owners are often looking for ways to keep their land vibrant, healthy, and attractive while also lowering their maintenance and utility costs. Additionally, older commercial properties may be in dire need of a landscape renovation that includes adding low-maintenance plants, trees, and shrubs. For commercial property owners desiring simple, beautiful, and low-maintenance landscapes, xeriscaping may be the ideal solution. By definition, Xeriscaping is a form of strategic landscaping that reduces the need for heavy irrigation by incorporating native, low-maintenance plants, trees, and shrubs. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss how xeriscaping can help commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area.

Reduces Water Usage

The biggest impact made by xeriscaping techniques comes from the reduced water usage on the property. Choosing drought-resistant plants, shrubs, and trees mean that property owners need to use far less water to keep them healthy and hydrated, which is especially critical in a city like Houston with such hot summers. In addition to conserving water resources, it can lower monthly utility costs, allowing commercial property owners to focus resources on other property priorities. Wear and tear on irrigation systems is also significantly lowered, extending the overall lifespan of the irrigation system. Xeriscaping can also help businesses that face water restrictions during drought conditions, when a property would normally suffer from reduced watering schedules.

Requires Less Maintenance

Another added benefit of xeriscaping is that it requires far less maintenance and labor since it is reliant on native plants, trees, and flowers throughout the property. These indigenous types of plants flourish on Houston properties, and can survive even the harshest summers. They are less likely to need replacing and can better defend themselves against noxious weeds, plant diseases, and insect infestations. Ultimately, annual labor expenses would decrease with a lower-maintenance commercial property.

Protects Property Values

Finally, xeriscaping can protect the value of commercial properties without compromising the health or beauty of the property. It ensures that the commercial property remains healthy, beautiful, and valuable even without constant maintenance and upkeep. Commercial retail and office properties with xeriscaping can be more appealing to potential tenants looking for a location that offers beautiful landscaping year-round. In addition, businesses committed to environmentally friendly practices are often attracted to xeriscaping because of the tremendous water conservation and use of native plants for landscaping.

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