How LMC Protects The Environment

How LMC Protects The Environment

Throughout the business world, it has become much more common to see businesses promote themselves as a “green” company, or to start initiatives to protect environmental resources and conserve energy. Although it is encouraging to see more companies adopting more environmentally friendly practices, some businesses do little more than just promote themselves as a “green” or “eco-friendly” company, and don’t actually implement any changes or take steps towards protecting our fragile environment. In today’s blog post, we highlight three specific ways in which LMC demonstrates their complete commitment to both environmentally friendly practices and resource conservation.

Making Conservation A Core Company Mission

One of the most important ways LMC demonstrates their commitment to protecting the environment is by making resource conservation and eco-friendly practices a company mission, and not just a temporary business trend. LMC emphasizes resource conservation with all team members through company training, and strives to incorporate the newest technologies and equipment that allows for top quality landscape and tree care without compromising environmental health.

Offering Environment-Friendly Services

LMC offers a full range of exceptional tree care and landscape services that also help protect and preserve valuable landscapes and trees, as well as natural resources. For example, LMC offers irrigation installation services using smart irrigation systems that can detect rainfall levels and prevent excess watering. In addition, LMC also provides LEED Landscape Management Services (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and practices greenwaste recycling to convert landscape and tree debris to organic mulch instead of dumping it in landfills.

Utilizing Well Maintained Vehicles And Equipment

Another way LMC demonstrates their commitment to environmental protection is by using well-maintained service vehicles and equipment. This lowers overall fuel usage, improves route efficiency from job to job, and helps reduce carbon emissions from vehicles and equipment. Too often, amateur tree crews and day laborers perform their work using gas-guzzling vehicles, as well as old and inefficient equipment.

LMC believes in protecting the environment and our valuable natural resources with each service offered and each job performed. Contact LMC today about our full range of top quality commercial tree and landscape services, including Commercial Landscape Management, Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Irrigation Installation and Maintenance, Tree and Debris Removal, Deep Root Fertilization, Root Flare Excavation, and Tree Preservation services. Give us a call at 713-688-2435 for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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