Improve Commercial Signage Visibility Using These Three Methods

Improve Commercial Signage Visibility Using These Three Methods

Regardless of whether your business is located on a busy interstate, a high-traffic roadway, or a neighborhood street, clear commercial property signage is vital to the success and growth of businesses and industries of all sizes. Unfortunately, many commercial property owners are unaware that their business signage is not as visible and attractive as possible, and their business can suffer because of this. In today’s blog post, we highlight three methods for improving commercial signage visibility and increasing curb appeal.

Strategic Pruning

Through regular strategic pruning of trees and shrubs, commercial properties can significantly increase signage visibility. When the trees and shrubs on commercial sites are not pruned regularly, overgrown branches and shrubs can hinder visibility and make it harder for passersby to see company names or identifiable logos. Strategic pruning ensures that trees and shrubs remain healthy and stable without compromising the effectiveness of the business signage.

Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting serves multiple purposes for commercial property owners. It can highlight business signs at night, as well as highlight other features of the property, including landscape gardens, water features, or ornamental stonework. Without proper landscape lighting, drivers and nearby residents may have difficulty finding your business at night. In addition, it can help provide an additional layer of security on the commercial site by illuminating the property and reducing the threat of burglaries or vandalism.

Vibrant Plants

The addition of native, vibrant plants and flowers can increase curb appeal and create a positive focal point for commercial properties. With the right mix of colors and plant variety, more eyes will be drawn to the business signage near vibrant plants and flowers. In addition to making a commercial site more appealing, vibrant plants, flowers, and gardens can become a focal point of the property, and can become a destination spot for customers or passersby looking for a peaceful place to visit and shop.

With many businesses struggling to remain relevant and competitive in a volatile economy, commercial property owners need all the help they can get to make their business and commercial property stand out. LMC can help commercial property owners with our full range of top-quality, safe, and efficient landscape and tree maintenance services. Our team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals can perform such services as Tree PruningLandscape Lighting InstallationSeasonal Planting and MulchingTree PlantingLandscape MaintenanceWeed Control Services, and Irrigation Installation and Maintenance. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!

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