How To Have A Drought-Tolerant Commercial Landscape

How To Have A Drought-Tolerant Commercial Landscape

A beautiful and vibrant commercial property attracts customers and tenants, but maintaining this throughout the year can be difficult. Houston’s long periods of hot and humid weather can make it challenge to have healthy and lush lawns and landscapes, particularly during periods of drought or low rainfall. Without the right kind of care, commercial property owners may face spending more time and money having grass and plants removed and replaced because of drought or heat damage. In today’s blog post, we look at three ways commercial property owners can have a drought-tolerant commercial landscape, which can protect its long-term value, beauty, and health.

Choose The Right Grass

The first step in having a commercial landscape that is healthy, attractive, and drought-tolerant is making sure you have the right kind of grass planted. Not all grass varieties are the same, and in Texas, the sunlight and soil composition can impact how well each type grows. Commercial property owners should consider consulting with a Landscape Professional on choosing the right kind of grass for the property. They can identify the current soil properties, improve soil health, determine sunlight exposure, gauge irrigation needs, and recommend ideal grass varieties that work with the client’s specific property needs. This helps the client have a commercial landscape that can better withstand difficult weather conditions such as drought and extreme heat.

Regular Fertilization

A commercial landscape is far more likely to tolerate drought or severe weather conditions when it is regularly fertilized. Soil aeration and deep root fertilization can make a significant impact on the health and longevity of a commercial lawn and trees as it ensures that they are able to receive oxygen, water, and soil nutrients needed to thrive, even when weather conditions are severe. Fertilization can also help combat potential threats from invasive and noxious weeds that could take over a commercial landscape.

Keep It Watered

Once a commercial property owner has selected drought-tolerant grass, trees, and plants for their site, the next step is ensuring that they get adequate water throughout the year. Even the most drought-tolerant vegetation needs some water, and professionally designed and installed irrigation systems can make sure those watering needs are met. Whether through a traditional sprinkler irrigation system or a series of drip-line hoses, irrigation is the key to having a beautiful, healthy, and valuable commercial property even through the harshest summer heat.

Commercial properties are valuable investments, and no one understands the importance of keeping them healthy and attractive more than LMC. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals strive to provide clients with stunning and stable lawns, landscape gardens, and trees throughout the year. Clients can rest assured that their commercial properties are getting the utmost care by trained landscape and tree care experts, and their curb appeal and property values will be protected. Contact LMC today about our full range of Commercial Landscape Management services, or go online to request a free consultation!

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