The Benefits of Adding Hedges To Your Property

The Benefits of Adding Hedges To Your Property

Sometimes a commercial property is just missing something… It could be a lack of color, focal points, or a boundary to break up the open space. Possible solutions include the addition of new trees, a landscape garden, or even a water feature. However, an option growing in popularity with Houston area property owners is the addition of hedges or shrubs to break up landscapes, add dimension, and ensure lush color throughout the year. Today’s blog post will focus on several benefits of adding hedges or shrubs to your commercial property.

Low Maintenance

One of the best benefits of shrubs and hedges is that they can often be very low maintenance. Many varieties are easy to maintain and keep healthy, with little pruning or trimming needed throughout the year. There are also a wide variety of shrubs and hedges to choose from, depending on owner preferences regarding leaf size, future growth patterns, shapes, flowering options, and colors. In addition, most shrubs and hedges are evergreen so the property owner can enjoy lush green color throughout the seasons.

Can Help Shape or Define Properties

An added benefit of planting shrubs and hedges is that they can help define or shape a property. They offer privacy, shade, and noise reduction with very low risk to the commercial property owner. In addition, hedges and shrubs can add height and create unique perspectives and dimensions for a property, creating interesting focal points, accents and backdrops. Additionally, they can be trimmed to specific shapes for added beauty and curb appeal.

Disguise Property Problem Areas

Strategically planted hedges and shrubs can help disguise problem areas of property or hide secure areas of the property. Thorny varieties offer an extra form of external security for commercial properties, especially near windows, HVAC areas and other exterior electronic components.  Shrubs and hedges can be a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing alternative to unattractive burglar bars or other security features.

LMC offers outstanding landscape and tree care maintenance services to commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area. LMC’s team can help property owners in need of privacy, noise reduction, greenery, and property curb appeal through the installation of strategically placed hedges and shrubs. In addition, LMC also offers a full range of services, including commercial landscape management, seasonal color planting and mulchingirrigation installation, ornamental stonework, water feature installation, and tree pruning and planting. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation today!

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