How To Keep Palm Trees In Top Health

How To Keep Palm Trees In Top Health

Texas is home to hundreds of different tree species, from oaks and pines to citrus and pecan trees. However, few trees stand out for their exotic beauty and shape quite like the palm tree. While palm trees can grow exceptionally well in our humid climate, their tree maintenance may differ greatly from other tree types found in our region. In today’s LMC blog post, we discuss three ways to help keep these valuable and beautiful trees in optimal health throughout the year.

Healthy Soil

Like any tree, a palm tree benefits most when it is planted in healthy soil full of rich nutrients and minerals. The soil should be able to easily absorb water and oxygen to avoid issues with poor growth or stability. If there is an issue with the soil health or possible compaction issues, the fronds (or leaves) will turn yellow, letting property owners know there is a problem. A Soil Analysis can help property owners learn if there are issues with soil conditions that need to be corrected to improve plant and tree health.


Palm trees benefit from regular fertilization to help spur growth and strengthen the tree’s root system. Deep root fertilizer can help fill in any gaps in minerals or nutrients in the soil, and can help ensure the tree remains healthy throughout the year, especially in harsher weather conditions such as drought or high heat. When applied by Landscape Professionals, fertilizer can significantly improve the look and longevity of a commercial property.

Regular Pond Frond Removal

Palm trees typically do not shed their fronds or leaves in the same way as deciduous trees like oak or maple. While some fronds may fall off onto the ground below, palm fronds will usually decay and die but will remain attached to the tree, drooping below the healthy green fronds at the top. If left on the tree, the fronds can become heavy as they accumulate over time, creating both an injury hazard and a fire hazard for property owners. Decaying palm fronds should be pruned by tree care professionals on a regular basis to prevent injuries or the loss of curb appeal.

Palm trees provide tranquility and beauty with far less maintenance than other kinds of trees, but they do still need some regular care throughout the year to ensure their health, stability, and curb appeal. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists can provide the safe, efficient, and professional tree care needed to protect the life of your valuable palm trees on your commercial property. Contact LMC at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a consultation.

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