How To Protect Your Commercial Site From Storm Damage
080913-N-0000X-001 GULF OF MEXICO (Sept. 13, 2008) A GOES-12 infrared satellite image provided by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey, Calif., showing the status of Hurricane Ike at approximately 8:00 a.m. EST Saturday, Sept. 13. Ike made landfall at 3:10 a.m. EST at Galveston, Texas, with maximum sustained winds near 110 miles per hour. U.S. Navy photo (Released)

How To Protect Your Commercial Site From Storm Damage

With Hurricane Harvey rapidly approaching the Texas coast, businesses across the area are scrambling to make last-minute preparations and protect their structures, assets, and employees. However, commercial sites themselves need protection from severe weather conditions, as storms can inflict significant and costly damage on property trees, landscapes, and plants. In today’s LMC blog post, we look at several ways commercial property owners can protect their sites from storm damage and protect their commercial property investment.

Tree Pruning & Removal

One of the leading causes of commercial property damage from severe weather comes from fallen trees, limbs, and branches, especially if the tree is overgrown. Strong winds can break trees apart and send tree debris flying into buildings, utility poles, commercial vehicles, or even people. Commercial property owners can have trees pruned or have older, damaged trees completely removed from the property to reduce the threat of damages and injuries.

Drainage Services

Another serious threat to commercial properties is caused by heavy rainfall that does not properly drain from the ground and can flood the property. Businesses may face costly building damages and flooded commercial vehicles, and having large pools of standing water can lead to the decline and death of trees and landscapes. In addition, heavy rainfall can saturate the soil and cause trees to uproot from the ground and topple onto nearby structures and people. Professional drainage services can assess property levels and create proper drainage channels so excess rainfall flows away from the property and structures without causing major soil erosion or property damage.

Adding Detention Ponds

Properties that drain rainwater well may still face flooding threats if the rainfall is excessive and lasts over several days. Adding detention ponds can help significantly, especially for businesses located in flood-prone areas or in older parts of the city with poor street drainage. Detention ponds save commercial properties and structures by providing a place to collect excess rainwater until it can drain away or evaporate on its own.

Cabling And Bracing Services

Some commercial sites have trees that have historic or aesthetic value, but have become weak or unstable over time. Rather than risk losing these valuable trees, commercial property owners can have weak trees secured through cabling and bracing services. These increase the tree’s chances of surviving strong winds or heavy rainfall, and not becoming a total loss for property owners.

LMC is committed to protecting Houston’s commercial properties before and after severe weather hits our area. If your commercial site is in need of emergency tree services due to Hurricane Harvey, contact our team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals at 713-462-3261 for prompt, safe assistance 24 hours a day.

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