Improving Mental and Physical Health Through Quality Landscaping

Improving Mental and Physical Health Through Quality Landscaping

When it comes to landscaping and shade trees, most people assume they only serve purposes such as providing shade or hiding unsightly areas of a property. In fact, beautiful shade trees and stunning landscaping can provide a bounty of benefits to properties and individuals, particularly those working at or recovering in medical or treatment facilities. Today’s blog post highlights three ways in which quality landscaping and majestic shade trees can help improve both mental and physical health for individuals.

Promotes Faster Patient Recovery

Property improvements such as installing gorgeous landscape gardens, beautiful shrubs, and healthy shade trees can encourage a faster recovery time for patients in hospital care, rehabilitation centers, or mental health facilities. A beautiful property fosters a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for recovery and healing. It also allows patients to safely enjoy fresh air, sunlight, and outdoor amenities. It can also be used as a safe spot for individual or group therapy sessions for physical or mental rehabilitation.

Offers A Peaceful Spot For Doctors And Staff

A beautiful landscape garden, well-maintained greenspace, or picturesque pathway can offer a relaxing place for doctors, students, and staff, particularly those working in highly stressful environments. These calming spaces can greatly help frazzled or emotionally drained medical personnel unwind and decompress after intense work schedules or performing complex surgical procedures.

Reduces Pollution While Improving Privacy And Security

Strategic landscaping and shrub or tree planting can significantly reduce noise and air pollution, making the property healthier and more conducive for recovery. It can also increase security and privacy around the property, which is especially critical for senior care and mental health facilities. When there are fewer external distractions outside medical or treatment facilities, patients can better focus on their recovery and personal health.

LMC is pleased to offer top quality Commercial Landscape Management and Tree Care services to medical offices and hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and mental health facilities to promote the health of both patients and staff members. LMC’s team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists can transform medical and medical health properties into tranquil and beautiful outdoor spaces through Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Irrigation Installation, Tree Preservation, and Landscape Lighting. Contact LMC for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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