Is My Commercial Property Safe For Visitors?

Is My Commercial Property Safe For Visitors?

As the holiday season approaches, commercial properties across the greater Houston area will welcome a higher number of visitors and customers, particularly in the restaurant or retail industries. However, a greater amount of foot traffic means more people that could potentially get hurt on a commercial property if there are unsafe areas. In today’s LMC blog post, we help show commercial property owners three ways in which their site might not safe, and what can be done to improve safety for visitors, customers, and employees.

Damaged Or Weak Trees

When trees become weak or damaged over time, they can become a danger to nearby people and property, especially if they are not dealt with immediately. Broken limbs and weak trees can fall onto buildings, vehicles, utility lines, or individuals, leading to physical damages, personal injuries, and liability issues. To prevent these issues, all trees on commercial sites need thorough tree maintenance on a regular basis, including tree pruning and fertilization to promote tree health and stability.

Cracked Or Uneven Walkways

Commercial sites may also become unsafe for visitors because of uneven or cracked walking areas, including entrances, exits, walking paths, and sidewalks on the property. These can make it much easier for people on the property to trip and fall or experience other painful injuries. Commercial property owners should regularly inspect all areas of the property to locate these tripping hazards and get them repaired as soon as possible to mitigate the risk of injuries and liability issues.

Overgrown Shrubs And Plants

Landscape gardens, shrubs, and seasonal plants can add visual appeal and positive focal points for commercial sites, but they can also make a property unsafe if they are allowed to become overgrown. The danger with overgrown shrubs, plants, and gardens is that they can decrease property visibility, and also grow out onto walking areas. Decreased visibility on a commercial site increases the likelihood of accidents such as trips and falls, but also car accidents and other major issues. Regular commercial landscape maintenance can ensure that shrubs and plants are well manicured and shaped well to not block or diminish visibility.

Commercial properties should always be welcoming for visitors throughout the year, but they should also be safe. LMC is pleased to offer Houston area businesses top quality Commercial Landscape Management services, including Tree Pruning, Tree Maintenance, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Weed Control, and Landscape Maintenance. Contact LMC today for more information, or complete our online form to request a consultation.

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