It’s Not Too Late To Prune Your Trees

It’s Not Too Late To Prune Your Trees

Our mild Houston winter means that spring is just around the corner, but not all trees are ready for the season of growth. One of the best ways to prepare commercial trees for spring is to have them strategically pruned to remove broken or damaged branches and encourage healthy, stable growth. Although spring is almost here, it’s not too late to have trees pruned to give them the best chance of success this spring and summer. Today’s blog post highlights three reasons why it’s crucial to prune trees on commercial properties before spring arrives.

Allows Tree To Recover

Spring growth has not yet begun, so pruned trees have time to heal and recover before they need to expend energy and nutrient resources on leaf growth. If trees are pruned after leaves have begun to bud and grow, then it will take far longer for the tree to recover, the tree’s growth will likely be stunted, and will make it far more vulnerable to invasive insects and tree diseases.

Easier To Prune

Since many deciduous trees are still without leaves, it is far easier to make strategic pruning cuts on trees. If trees are pruned after leaf growth has begun, it can be harder to determine which branches or limbs need to be removed for safety or growth reasons. The lack of foliage now makes it easy to spot broken or damaged tree areas that need to be pruned, and it also reduces the time needed to remove tree debris after pruning.

Increases Future Stability

Finally, tree pruning done before spring growth will ultimately improve the growth and stability of the tree throughout the year. Flowers, fruits, and leaves will grow better when trees are pruned properly. In addition, strategic tree pruning prevents branches from growing too heavy with foliage growth, as they can often snap and fall onto unsuspecting people or nearby property.

For the health, beauty, and stability of your commercial trees, tree pruning should be completed as soon as possible for deciduous trees such as ash, elm, oak, pear, crape myrtles, and other local trees in the area. LMC offers safe, efficient, and effective tree pruning services for commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area. For more information on our Tree PruningTree PlantingTree RemovalDeep Root Fertilization, or Cabling and Bracing services, contact LMC today or go online to request a free consultation!

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