The Benefits of Maintaining Commercial Landscapes

The Benefits of Maintaining Commercial Landscapes

From improved air quality to increased customer foot traffic, well-maintained commercial landscaping offers a variety of benefits for businesses. In this blog post, we’ll explore the little-understood, but vitally significant benefits that a managed landscape can bring to your business.

Environmental Benefits of Managed Landscapes
When we talk about well-managed landscapes, it’s not just the aesthetics that matter; the environment benefits from them as well. A good landscape management plan will focus on minimizing water usage and reducing runoff by implementing an optimized irrigation system. By using native plants and efficient watering techniques, businesses can save money while also reducing their environmental impact. Well-managed commercial landscapes also help absorb pollutants in the air, improve biodiversity, reduce soil erosion, and conserve energy by providing shade.

Benefits of Urban Landscapes
For urban businesses in particular, maintaining a well-managed landscape can be especially beneficial. Urban areas are typically filled with asphalt and concrete surfaces that absorb heat and make cities hotter than surrounding rural areas—a phenomenon known as “the urban heat island effect.” With a well-designed landscape, featuring trees, shrubs, grasses, and other vegetation around your business premises, you can reduce the temperature in your area significantly. This is good news for both your employees and customers as it makes for a more comfortable atmosphere in which to work or shop.

Benefits of Commercial Landscapes
The benefits of commercial landscapes extend beyond the environment; there are financial advantages too! A lush green lawn or colorful flowerbeds outside your business premises will create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to come inside and browse—which means more money for the business! Furthermore, studies have shown that people perceive high-quality landscaping as indicating a successful business—so if you want to give off an impression of success and professionalism to potential investors or customers, investing in a well-maintained landscape is essential.

Physical and Psychological Benefits
Last but certainly not least are the physical and psychological benefits associated with landscaping. Studies have shown that being surrounded by nature is calming and helps reduce stress levels in people—which means better mental health for everyone involved! Spending time outdoors has also been linked with improved physical health due to increased exposure to Vitamin D from sunlight (when used responsibly) as well as improved muscle tone from walking around gardens or parks during lunch breaks or meetings.

Research from the Husqvarna Global Garden Report 2012 showed that “63% of respondents reported being willing to pay more for an apartment or house if it was located in an area with good green spaces, compared with, for instance, 34% willing to pay more for an area with good shopping and 33% for good cultural venues.”

Investing in commercial landscapes may seem like an unnecessary expense at first glance but it offers tremendous long-term rewards for businesses – both financially and environmentally – making it an investment worth considering carefully. Not only does it improve air quality, reduce energy consumption, increase property value, and provide physical exercise opportunities for employees (and customers!), but it also creates a welcoming atmosphere which encourages customers inside your store or office building where they can browse goods or services – leading to increased profits over time! With all these benefits combined, could commercial landscaping be just what your business needs? Talk to our team today to find out how we can help you get started on creating beautiful commercial landscapes with minimal effort required on your part!

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