Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Partner With A Reputable Tree and Landscape Company

Four Reasons Why Businesses Should Partner With A Reputable Tree and Landscape Company

Companies throughout the greater Houston area are often looking for strategic partnerships that can be fiscally beneficial with lower risk. One of the ways businesses can make a strategic partnership that offers a variety of financial and property benefits is by choosing to work exclusively with professional landscape and tree care companies. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at four reasons why companies can benefit by avoiding the amateur, mom-and-pop landscapers and tree crews and instead choosing safe, efficient and professional tree care and landscape service providers.

Wider Variety of Services Offered

When businesses choose one professional, single service landscape and tree care provider, they can reap significant financial benefits by avoiding using multiple vendors that charge different rates with varying quality. A professional landscape and tree care contractor can offer one comprehensive quote for a full range of top-quality services, while the company benefits by just having to deal with one set of invoices. Most amateur and basic landscapers are not able to provide a full range of tree and landscape services, and those that attempt certain services without proper training and safety standards can jeopardize their own safety as well as the personal and property safety of the client.

Safety and Compliance

A growing area of concern for Houston area business owners is reducing liability whenever possible. Unfortunately, many businesses increase their potential liability issues by hiring untrained and amateur landscapers and tree crews. However, professional landscape and tree care contractors insist on top-level safety compliance and extensive training to reduce potential liability issues. Companies can have peace of mind that their tree and landscape work is performed with the utmost compliance to OSHA requirements, that all training and hiring practices are in compliance with federal and state guidelines, and that their work is fully insured and bonded.

Lower Costs

Companies that choose to partner with reputable, professional landscape and tree care companies can reap lower maintenance costs because of the quality of work and purchasing power for materials. Larger, well-established landscape and tree care companies can secure better pricing for equipment and materials, thus allowing for greater cost savings for customers. In addition, healthier properties result in lower annual maintenance costs because they are planted correctly and well cared for. Also, professional landscape companies are far more likely to offer multiple avenues of cost-savings to customers, such irrigation systemslow maintenance landscape plants and trees, and ornamental stonework.

Better Quality of Labor and Materials

One of the hallmarks of a cut-rate, amateur landscape crew is their preference to use cheap materials to cut their own costs. Unfortunately, using poor-quality materials and equipment can harm the beauty and health of their commercial client’s property. The soil they deliver may contain stones or debris, and the cheaper plants they use may die sooner or require extensive maintenance. Conversely, a professional and reputable landscape company can offer the best materials and equipment to ensure optimal property health and beauty. In addition, amateur landscapers and tree crews will often hire untrained workers or even day laborers to perform their work, while professional tree care and landscape companies will only hire reliable, experienced workers and will ensure they receive extensive safety training as well.

LMC offers top-quality landscape and tree care services to businesses and companies throughout the greater Houston area. Offering a full range of services, the safe and efficient team at LMC can handle all types of landscape and tree care needs, including commercial landscape managementtree pruningtree plantingtree removalvegetation management, ornamental stonework, landscape lighting, roadside vegetation management, and irrigation installation and repair. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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