The Impact Of Floodwater On Property Health

The Impact Of Floodwater On Property Health

This spring, the greater Houston area and surrounding cities have witnessed record-setting rainfall and historic flood levels, causing substantial damage to commercial properties across our region. Although floodwaters will eventually subside over time, the damage they cause to property health can be significant and costly, in addition to repairs and renovations to damaged businesses. In today’s blog post, we’ll examine exactly how floodwaters impact property health, and why property owners with flooded land should be concerned.

Threatens Plant Life

Long periods of standing floodwater can lead to death for trees, plants, and grass as they lose their ability to obtain oxygen or sunlight necessary for growth. Any lower tree foliage covered by water will be unable to convert sunlight into energy resources, and these submerged limbs and branches will die off. Also, trees may suffer significant damage to their bark from fast moving floodwaters carrying debris and driftwood. For grass, the impact of floodwater damage is amplified when the water is stagnant and warm, and the grass is in its growing season and not dormant. Additionally, trees and grass are far more susceptible to lasting damage when flooding has occurred more than once in a season, as it has throughout much of Texas.

Soil Contamination

A secondary problem caused by significant flooding on commercial properties is contaminated soil. Floodwaters can often leave behind pollutants, sewage, or other chemicals, contaminating the soil and ultimately damaging plant and property health. Contaminated soil impacts both immediate and long-term property health, as trees and grass may be unable to get nutrients and minerals from the unhealthy soil. Property owners may need to have the topsoil replaced in order to give existing plants and trees a chance to survive damages from floodwaters.

Breeding Ground For Disease And Insects

Finally, stagnant floodwaters on commercial properties can become a breeding ground for insects, diseases, and vermin to flourish as they allow bacteria and fungi to grow and thrive. Tree diseases can attack already weakened trees, plants, and grass and deplete what little energy resources are left. In addition, vermin and insects can eat away at trees, plants, and grass, and also infest nearby businesses, causing secondary damage to commercial properties.

For property owners that have suffered flood damage and long periods of stagnant water, it may be necessary to have a consultation with a Certified Arborist and Landscape Professional to determine the health and stability of trees and soil after waters have receded. LMC offers free consultations with commercial property owners to determine tree stability, tree health, soil health, and any potential tree diseases or insect infestations that require immediate action. LMC’s team performs a full range of top quality tree care services, including Tree Structure Evaluation, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Planting, Soil Analysis, Deep Root Fertilization, Drainage Services, and Cabling and Bracing for weakened or damaged trees. Contact LMC today at 713-688-2435 for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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