The Benefits of Having a Proactive Tree Care Provider

The Benefits of Having a Proactive Tree Care Provider

When it comes to hiring contractors or service providers, they can either be proactive in their work, or they can be reactive. Reactive contractors will typically only repair or maintain specific areas and will not look beyond the immediate issue. On the other hand, proactive contractors and service providers will often look at the entire situation and offer in-depth recommendations and analysis for long-term care and function. This is especially true in the area of tree care and tree maintenance.

Reactive tree care providers and amateur tree crews simply prune and go, while proactive tree care providers care for the tree with a goal of long-term health, beauty, and strength. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three primary benefits of having a proactive tree care provider, and why this can make a world of difference in the health and beauty of your trees.

Strong Tree Knowledge

A proactive tree care provider, such as a Certified Arborist, understands local and exotic tree care biology. They are degreed and experienced in all aspects of tree health, growth patterns, ideal soil conditions, watering needs, and common threats. Proactive tree care experts do not apply general pruning and tree maintenance methods to all trees the same, but they provide strategic and specific care to each variety to keep them in optimal health. In addition, their tree work is performed in accordance with ANSI 300 (American National Standards Institute) guidelines for proper tree care operations.

Identify and Treat Problems Early

One of the added benefits of choosing a proactive tree care provider, such as Certified Arborist, is that they can identify and treat both minor and major tree health problems before the tree is in serious decline. This kind of proactive treatment can save the life of the tree, and can also spare the property owner from costly tree removal services and the loss of a large, mature shade tree. Reactive tree crews or amateur tree care providers typically do not have the training, time, or expertise to correctly identify and treat tree problems such as tree diseasesinsects, or tree wounds.

Owner Peace of Mind

With proactive tree care providers, property owners can have peace of mind that they do not have to manage their tree care provider or provide constant guidance. Certified Arborists are invested in the long-term health of trees on the property, and strive to provide exceptional tree care along with maximum customer satisfaction. Owners can also be confident that their valuable, beautiful, and shady trees will be enjoyed for years to come.

LMC is pleased to offer Houston property owners exceptional tree care services, performed by degreed and professional Certified Arborists. Our team of tree experts will take the time to care and maintain all varieties of trees on your property with a full range of tree care services. LMC’s tree care services include tree pruningtree plantingdeep root fertilizationirrigation installation and maintenanceinsect and disease treatmentmulchingcabling and bracinglightning protection services, and tree removal services. Contact LMC today for more information on their tree care services, or go online to request a free consultation with one of our Certified Arborists.

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