The Importance Of Embracing Technology For Landscape and Tree Care

The Importance Of Embracing Technology For Landscape and Tree Care

As with all other industries and businesses, technology has made a huge impact in the world of landscape maintenance and tree care, specifically with the efficiency and safety of the industry. For example, tree pruning is no longer performed with just axes or handsaws, and commercial properties are not maintained with herds of grazing livestock. Although technology has made tree and landscape care easier, not all companies embrace or utilize technological advances to improve their quality of services or overall efficiency. In today’s blog post, we look at five ways in which LMC has embraced and incorporated new technology into landscape and tree care for the benefit of commercial property owners.

Mapping And Budgeting Services

Technology improvements over the last few years allow LMC to offer state-of-the-art tree mapping services and concise landscape budgeting services for commercial property clients. These services allow commercial customers to better plan and forecast for annual landscape expenses, as well as future tree care needs for existing trees on the property. This reduces the element of surprise for commercial property owners as they can see well in advance what types of tree and landscape maintenance will need to be performed in the year ahead.

Environmentally Friendly Vehicles And Equipment

LMC also incorporates technology advancements by choosing better landscape and tree care equipment and service vehicles that cause less damage to the environment. Lower emission vehicles and regular vehicle maintenance help promote a cleaner environment and reduced noise and air pollution. Using environmentally friendly equipment and service vehicles is one part of LMC’s overall company-wide commitment to resource conservation and pollution reductions.

Safer Work Environments

Due to new safety features and better training capabilities, LMC enjoys safer worksites with fewer injuries and accidents through the use of high-tech equipment and safety gear. Employees are safer as they perform dangerous tree care services and landscape maintenance, and property owners, employees, and visitors are also safer as well due to the improved worksite conditions.

Improved Company Efficiency

Two of the biggest areas of technology improvement for LMC have been in communication and efficiency, both within the company and with current and potential customers. Through the use of GPS navigation systems and smart phones, LMC is able to provide more efficient service calls, locate better and faster routes between jobsites, and lower fuel usage throughout the day. Projects can get completed in a shorter time span because of the new and improved avenues of communication between team members and clients.

Better Services Using Fewer Resources

Technology has also improved the types of services offered by LMC, since Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists can be more precise and use improved tools and equipment for commercial property maintenance. For example, LMC’s irrigation systems are not simply pipes and sprinkler heads, but are smart systems that can detect current rainfall levels and make necessary adjustments to conserve water usage and lower utility costs for customers. In addition, landscape lighting now incorporates LED light features to reduce energy consumption and extend the lifespan of landscape lights for customers.

Technology improvements have helped LMC continue to offer top quality Landscape Maintenance and Tree Care services, performed with the utmost safety and care, all at competitive rates. Contact LMC today for more information about our Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services, Tree Mapping, Budget Forecasting, Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Irrigation Installation, Tree Preservation, and Deep Root Fertilization Services.

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