What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

What Are The Benefits of An Irrigation System?

For commercial property owners, maintaining a beautiful lawn can often be a grueling process, especially with Houston’s hot summers and high humidity. One of the most difficult parts of keeping a property green and healthy is maintaining a proper watering schedule. Houston’s lawns, gardens and trees require regular watering to stay healthy, grow and gain vital nutrients to endure the hot temperatures. The simple solution to keeping properties healthy and watered is the installation of an automated irrigation system.

Property owners debating whether or not to have an irrigation system installed should first consider its primary benefits. One of the biggest advantages to having an automated sprinkler system installed is that property owners can keep lawns, gardens and trees well hydrated without having to be in the Houston heat. Instead of wasting valuable time repositioning manual sprinklers and dragging along dirty and cumbersome water hoses, property owners can enjoy more leisure time with family and friends. Owners gain the benefit of a beautiful and healthy property without the heat, humidity, insect bites and frustration that come from watering the property on their own.

Additionally, automated sprinkler systems offer the luxury of scheduled watering intervals and set timers to ensure proper and strategic hydration for drier areas. This ensures thorough, even and correct watering amounts throughout the property. This is especially beneficial for property owners that are away from their property for any length of time, since lawns can be regularly watered in their absence. For sections of property in need of more water, such as new patch of sod or a newly planted tree, automated sprinkler systems can be adjusted to provide longer watering intervals.

Finally, irrigation systems benefit the property owner and the local environment through water conservation. There is far less runoff and wasted water when automated sprinklers are used, and the system can be set to run in the very early morning or late evening hours when the property receives the most benefit from the watering. Property owners also benefit because the reduction in water usage lowers water bills and conserves natural resources.

Although it might seem like manual sprinklers are a cheaper option for keeping properties watered, in the long run irrigation systems are a smarter and better investment for property owners. Owners save valuable time, energy and money by letting an automated irrigation system do the work of keeping a lawn, garden and trees well hydrated through Houston’s brutal heat. LMC proudly offers exceptional irrigation installation services for commercial property owners to keep grass, gardens and trees healthy and beautiful. LMC also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services to ensure your property is at optimal health throughout the year. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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