Three Ways To Improve HOA Landscaping

Three Ways To Improve HOA Landscaping

Houston-area Homeowners Associations are responsible for two critical tasks: enforcing neighborhood restrictions and also ensuring that the community is well maintained to protect property values. One key way HOAs preserve home values and community standing is by ensuring that the neighborhood always looks its best, particularly in high traffic areas. Unfortunately, over time neighborhoods and subdivisions can lose their luster if the HOA does not have these prominent sections regularly improved or enhanced for maximum curb appeal. In today’s blog post, we look at three simple ways HOAs can improve neighborhood landscaping to offer both residents and visitors a gorgeous, welcoming atmosphere.

Neighborhood Entrances

It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression, and the entrance to a neighborhood or subdivision is a major factor in making a positive and lasting first impression with potential buyers or investors. Neighborhood entrances should be stunning in appearance, offering breathtaking seasonal landscapes and clear signage. HOAs that allow their entrance landscaping to look unkempt and unappealing can do significant harm to the curb appeal and property values of the neighborhood, as potential buyers might assume that the entire neighborhood is poorly maintained and not worth the investment.

Common Areas

A number of Houston-area subdivisions and master planned communities offer common areas for residents and their visitors to enjoy, such as walking trails, parks, recreation centers, and oversized cul-de-sacs with large medians for gathering. Unfortunately, poor landscape maintenance on these common areas can detract from the beauty and value of the neighborhood. HOAs should ensure that all common areas have well-manicured landscapes, healthy grass, and pruned shade trees throughout the neighborhood. It not only improves overall curb appeal, but also is much safer for residents as they use the common areas.

Subdivision Perimeters

Many subdivisions are lined with fences or brick walls to indicate the border of the neighborhood. Sadly, HOAs can often ignore or overlook these areas, resulting in poorly maintained sections with overgrown grass, trees in dire need of strategic pruning, and excessive weed growth. HOAs should make sure all areas of the community, including near borders and perimeter fences, are well kept and do not diminish the look and value of the neighborhood. Shrubs should be regularly pruned and shaped, trees should be pruned well to avoid overgrowth or proximity to power lines, and turf should be cut and free of invasive weeds.

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