Three Ways To Improve Water Absorption On Commercial Properties

Three Ways To Improve Water Absorption On Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners learned a lot about their land during Hurricane Harvey, specifically things like their property’s elevation level, proximity to flood plains, and how efficiently their area drains heavy rainfall. Proper drainage is absolutely crucial if you want your business and assets to survive another record rainfall or flood in our region. If your commercial property often has standing pools of water after a rain shower, there are three options for improving runoff and hopefully avoiding flood damages to your structures and assets.

Drainage Services

The first step in protecting your commercial property is having professionals perform Drainage Services, which can improve the flow of rainwater away from your property and down towards storm drains or retention areas. Drainage Services involve installing drains or creating pathways for rain runoff to quickly flow off the property, as well as removing any blockages that could encourage property flooding.

Soil Aeration

Over time, property soil can become hard and compacted due to heavy foot or equipment traffic, making it difficult for soil to absorb water or oxygen for plant roots. As a result, rainfall can wash away topsoil and create eroded landscapes that are not getting adequate water hydration. Soil Aeration services can help absorb rainwater as it involves drilling a series of small holes across the entire landscape, breaking up the soil and allowing water and other nutrients to reach plant roots.

Installing Plants & Shrubs

The third option for increasing water absorption on commercial properties is through adding shrubs, plants, and trees that thrive in wet soil and can absorb moisture better after a rainstorm. The additional plant life can help commercial properties better withstand the impact of a heavy rainfall, and can also improve the aesthetic and financial value of a property.

Before the next major weather system impacts our area, make sure you take steps to protect your commercial property, as well as business structures and assets on site. Professional Drainage Services from LMC can help ensure that rainfall flows off your property promptly and without causing soil erosion or other issues. Contact LMC today for more information or complete our online form to request a free consultation!

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