What Are Your Commercial Landscape Needs?

What Are Your Commercial Landscape Needs?

Commercial property managers and property owners always want their land to look its best, both to ensure beauty and health, and also to protect financial investments. Choosing the right commercial landscape service provider is a crucial step since landscaping is one of the main focal points of a commercial property, and landscaping maintenance costs can represent a large portion of a property maintenance budget. When searching for the right partner for commercial landscape maintenance, it is important to first develop a list of landscape maintenance needs to ensure all area of the property are correctly and regularly maintained.

Identify The Property’s Size and Scope

When evaluating commercial landscape needs, owners and property managers should first clearly identify the size and topography of the commercial land to be maintained. Google Maps, Key maps, and county maps can help clearly identify the specific property boundaries to be maintained, as well as trees, brush, ponds, and easements within the property. Once the property boundaries are identified, aerial views can help property owners and landscape service providers divide the property into sections or zones to better identify areas of high or low maintenance.

Determine Property Focal Points

Commercial properties may have multiple focal points, or areas more visible to passing traffic or visitors. It is important for property owners and commercial property managers to identify areas of the property that will require more maintenance, such as entryways, communal walking or sitting areas, property signage, or parking areas. This helps commercial landscape service providers better understand the specific landscape needs for high traffic areas, such as seasonal planting and mulchingirrigation installation and maintenance, and regular weed control services.

Decide On Service Frequency

Once a commercial property’s size and focal points are mapped out, property managers and owners should then work with a landscape service provider to determine the frequency for landscape and tree care maintenance. This proactive step will help property owners and managers forecast future landscape budget needs, and also provides assurance that landscapes and trees will get the care they need throughout the year.

LMC is pleased to be a leading provider in commercial landscape maintenance and tree care services throughout the greater Houston area. LMC’s team of Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals will help commercial property owners develop a strategic landscape management plan that provides exceptional landscape and tree care at competitive rates. LMC’s commercial landscape maintenance and tree care services include turf and lawn maintenancelandscape gardens and seasonal plantingtree planting and pruningweed control services, and irrigation installation. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!