Three Ways To Make School Campuses Safer For Students and Staff

Three Ways To Make School Campuses Safer For Students and Staff

Schools are meant to be safe learning environments for both students and faculty, and campuses across the country have improved safety measures to prevent accidents or injuries from occurring and harming students and staff. However, there are still dangerous areas outside of school campuses where teachers and pupils can be harmed, but proactive measures can help reduce the likelihood for injury or accidents. Today’s blog post looks at three specific ways school campuses can be made safer for students and staff.

Proactive Tree Pruning

Nearly all school campuses, ranging from public grade schools to private colleges, have trees planted for ambiance and shade, but these trees often require tree pruning for maintenance purposes. Tree pruning reduces the likelihood of heavy and overgrown limbs and branches breaking off and falling onto students, faculty, or visitors. In addition, it can also help prevent damages to nearby school structures or personal property, such as nearby homes or vehicles.

Well Maintained Lawns And Athletic Fields

Most school campuses across the greater Houston area have lawns, playgrounds, dedicated greenspace, or athletic fields for students and faculty to use throughout the year. When lawns and landscapes are level and well maintained, this can significantly decrease the number of injuries on school property related to trips and falls. When an athletic field is poorly maintained or uneven in places, this can result in painful and devastating injuries for student athletes or coaching staff.

Regular Property Maintenance

Having regular property maintenance around playgrounds, landscape gardens, and other walking areas can also significantly improve campus safety for students and faculty. Landscape Professionals can inspect properties to ensure there are no invasive insects that could threaten student or staff health, or threaten the health and stability of nearby trees and plants. Also, adding landscape lighting ensures campus safety at night for staff members working late, after school activities, or evening campus-wide events.

Students and faculty should be just as safe from injury or harm outside their school property as they are inside their school campus. LMC can help ensure the safety of students and staff through a wide range of commercial landscape services, including Commercial Landscape Management, Tree Planting, Tree Pruning, Seasonal Planting and Mulching, Cabling and Bracing, Tree Preservation, Weed Control, Landscape Lighting Installation, and Tree Removal. We perform our commercial landscape services with safety, efficiency, and professionalism, and can service public, private, parochial, or charter school campuses. Contact LMC today for more information about our school campus landscape services, or go online to request a free consultation.

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