Preparing Commercial Properties For Growing Seasons

Preparing Commercial Properties For Growing Seasons

Most of Texas experienced a much milder winter than in years past, and as a result, many commercial properties have been impacted. For example, some commercial landscapes have required more maintenance because of continued growth during the mild winter, and many deciduous trees have taken much longer to fully shed their leaves. In order to help commercial properties look their best this coming spring and summer, proactive measures need to be taken now in order to prepare landscapes and trees for the upcoming growing season. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three steps necessary to ensure stable, healthy commercial landscapes and trees this coming spring and summer.

Debris Removal

The first step in preparing a commercial property for spring and summer growth is removing and clearing away landscape and tree debris. This includes dead leaves and branches that have accumulated on the ground and on flowerbeds as these can impact the health of the landscape. Also, drainage grills and storm water systems should also be cleared from leaves, dirt, trash and other debris to ensure proper drainage from rainfall or irrigation systems.

Soil Preparation

In order for plants, grass, and trees to grow their best, they need healthy, nutrient-rich soil in place to provide the minerals, oxygen, and moisture needed for stable health. The first step in promoting soil health is to have soil aeration services performed, which creates small holes in the soil to ensure water and oxygen reaches plant and tree roots. In addition, commercial properties can also benefit from a soil analysis, which looks for any possible nutrient or mineral deficiencies as well as acidity problems. An early soil analysis can help prevent future issues with growth or health during the busy growing period.

Weed Control & Fertilizer Applications

Finally, the last steps in preparing a commercial property for spring and summer growth are applying weed control treatments and fertilizing landscapes and trees. Weed control services allow grass to grow while also preventing the growth and spread of existing weeds on commercial properties. After allowing the weed control applications to take effect, commercial properties should then receive an application of lawn and tree fertilizer to boost the health and stability of grass and trees. This encourages steady and strong growth that can better withstand high summer temperatures and other weather conditions.

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