Understanding Time Sensitive Landscape Projects

Understanding Time Sensitive Landscape Projects

If you own or manage a commercial property, you’re probably well aware that there’s never a dull moment when it comes to property maintenance. There are always challenges or tasks that need to be addressed to maintain the health, beauty, and stability of the site, but some issues may need more urgent attention than others. For instance, regular shrub pruning is important, but isn’t really as urgent as a major tree limb breaking off and threatening nearby buildings, people, or vehicles. In today’s LMC blog post, we’ll look at some of the more time-sensitive landscape projects commercial property owners may face, and what should be done to help preserve property health.

Dead Or Damaged Trees

Trees are some of the most visible and important parts of a commercial property, so when they are damaged or dying, they need immediate attention. Delaying tree pruning or tree removal can lead to serious property damage, personal injuries, and even liability issues for the commercial property owner. Trees that are damaged or near death should be pruned or removed immediately for the safety and health of the commercial property.

Disease Or Insect Infestation

Diseases and insect infestations are other time-sensitive commercial landscape issues that must be addressed immediately. Any delays with tree diseases could result in the death of the tree, as well as the spread of the disease to other nearby healthy trees. Likewise, insect infestations can decimate the health and beauty of a commercial property when left untreated or undiagnosed, as they can cause leaves or grass to quickly die. If you suspect your trees or landscape may be facing disease or invasive insects, immediate treatment is needed by Landscape Professionals.

Soil Aeration

Soil is the lifeline of commercial properties, and when a problem arises with soil health, the entire commercial property can suffer. Soil health can be significantly impaired when soil becomes hard and compacted over time, as it prevents water and oxygen from reaching plant roots, and the soil loses its valuable minerals and nutrients. Soil Aeration can help improve soil health by loosening compacted soil to allow water and oxygen to penetrate through.

Irrigation Maintenance And Repair

Most commercial property owners rely on irrigation systems to provide water to nearby plants, trees, and grass throughout the year to maintain property health. However, over time irrigation systems need maintenance or may suffer from broken or faulty components. When irrigation systems begin to malfunction or fail to properly water the commercial property, this issue needs to be addressed immediately so the property does not become damaged by drought. Sprinkler systems need regular inspections and immediate repairs to ensure full functionality and to prevent property damage. In addition, irrigation system maintenance may reveal hidden issues with valves or pipes that could lead to water leaks and high utility costs.

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