Poor Tree Pruning Can Severely Harm Your Property

Poor Tree Pruning Can Severely Harm Your Property

Many commercial property owners understand that in order to maintain the health, beauty and value of trees, they must be well cared for throughout the year. Attentive tree care maintenance includes regular wateringmulching and tree pruning. However, too much maintenance in any of these three areas can easily lead to severe tree damage and possibly even tree death. It is critical to know healthy irrigation amounts for trees, proper mulch application, and the correct and beneficial methods of tree pruning. Although too much water or mulch can harm a tree’s health, excessive tree trimming can have the most negative impact, particularly on young or vulnerable trees.

Poor tree pruning can lead to devastating results for both the tree and the property owner. First, poor tree trimming can cripple the future growth of the tree. For example, over pruning a young tree can lead to uneven or stunted growth, greatly diminishing the tree’s long-term financial and aesthetic value to the property owner. In addition, over pruning mature trees can cause property owners to lose benefits such as noise reduction and shade to lower energy costs. Incorrect pruning can lead to overgrowth on branches, leading to future branch breaks and a threat to personal and property safety.

Tree pruning performed by untrained and amateur tree workers or property owners can also make trees more vulnerable to invasive tree diseases and insect infestations. Incorrect tree branch cuts can cause wounds in the tree trunk and branches, diminishing the tree of valuable nutrients and energy resources it would normally use to fight off invasive pests and diseases. Tree wounds and damage caused by poor tree trimming lead to increased costs for commercial property owners as they get treatment for diseases and pests to restore the tree’s health.

Finally, amateur and unskilled tree workers or property owners can cause significant financial harm through poor tree pruning. Property owners face increased costs and time to repair tree damage caused by reckless and incorrect tree trimming. In addition, trees that suffer significant internal and external damage because of tree trimming mistakes are likely to die from their injuries, causing the owner to spend additional funds on tree removal and tree replacement.

Tree trimming should be handled by Certified Arborists who can perform your tree trimming with expertise and safety, not recklessly like the tree worker pictured here.
Amateur tree worker jeopardizes himself, the tree and owner.

To ensure your tree’s vitality, strength and value for years to come, trust your tree maintenance and tree trimming to the Certified Arborists of LMC. As a trusted leader in exceptional tree care throughout the greater Houston area, LMC strives to protect and properly maintain tree health for commercial properties. By utilizing a combination of expert trainingindustry-leading safety techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and a dedication to client satisfaction, LMC ensures that trees throughout Houston maintain their long-term health and beauty. Contact LMC directly for more information on their tree trimming services, or go online to request a free consultation with their Certified Arborists.

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