What Do Visitors See First On Your Commercial Property?

What Do Visitors See First On Your Commercial Property?

First impressions make a difference, especially in the business world. Companies often strive to present their best to existing and potential clients, but a poorly maintained commercial property can undermine their efforts and create a lasting negative impression. In our LMC blog for today, we encourage business owners to step back and consider what visitors might see first when entering their commercial property. This different perspective can provide insights as to what commercial landscape improvements and additions might be needed to always offer a good first impression.

Company Signage

One of the first things that a visitor will see when entering your commercial property is company signage, usually right next to the street or near an entrance into the parking lot. All business signage should be clear and easy to see at all times of day. If the signage is obstructed because of overgrown shrubs, weed growth, or tall grass, this can make it difficult for customers or vendors to find your business. In addition, if the signage is hard to see at night because of poor lighting, this can also create a negative first impression. If someone has a hard time finding your business because of unkempt landscaping, they might just take their business elsewhere.

Lawns And Trees

Visitors to your commercial site might also take immediate notice of the condition of the lawn and trees on your property, especially if they are not well maintained. A potential client will quickly notice if the grass is tall or overrun with invasive and unsightly weeds. In addition, if the trees are overgrown, they could pose a safety hazard if broken limbs and branches are not pruned away. In addition, a tree with a dense canopy might offer lots of shade in the parking lot, but also a lot of bird activity that could result in a mess on the visitor’s vehicle. Trees should be pruned to a proper shape, and any broken or cracked limbs should be removed. Lawns should be green, lush, and free from weed growth.

Amenities Or Seasonal Color

Finally, visitors can get a positive first impression of your commercial property if it offers beautiful amenities or stunning seasonal color in landscape gardens. Amenities to consider might be fountains or water retention ponds, ornamental stonework, or landscape lighting that highlights the best features of the property. Pops of seasonal color can also brighten the commercial site, and detract from other less appealing areas such as utility or dumpster areas. These might include large container plants near entrances or doorways, or landscape gardens in the space between the building and parking areas.

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