Are Your Landscapers or Tree Workers Helping or Hurting The Environment?

Are Your Landscapers or Tree Workers Helping or Hurting The Environment?

In the last few decades Americans have become increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, resulting in an increase of recycling centers, green construction initiatives and environmentally-friendly products and services. Although Houstonians are able to choose a wide variety of ways to benefit the environment and protect natural resources, one of the most overlooked ways to help our planet is through choosing a landscape and tree service company that strives to protect and preserve our environment.

Unfortunately, many basic landscapers and tree care workers simply perform their work with little regard of their carbon footprint or long-term environmental impact. While many commercial property owners might invest significant time, energy and resources to preserve our environment, their landscaper or tree service company might be negating their efforts through environmentally hazardous practices. Information is the best tool commercial property owners have to help ensure their landscapers and tree companies are helping and not hurting the environment. However, too often property owners and managers fail to research and gather information from their landscapers and tree service companies regarding their environmental preservation practices.

There are some key pieces of information that will tell you whether your landscapers and tree service providers are helping or hurting Houston’s natural beauty and environmental health. First, a major way landscape and tree service companies can benefit the environment is through greenwaste recycling, which is when landscape garden remnants, grass clippings and tree debris is sent to recyclers that then turn it into compost or mulch. This simple act makes a significant positive impact on our local environment as it reduces landfill space, promotes water conservation, and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. Also, environmentally friendly landscapers utilize reusable greenwaste bags for collecting landscape plant debris and tree trimmings, since these bags can last up to a year and avoid contributing to a landfill pile.

Unfortunately, many basic landscapers and tree service companies simply bag up the landscape garden and grass clippings and leave them in your yard to end up in a landfill, or they deposit them in landfills themselves. Often basic tree trimmers will not help the environment through their actions as they will typically cut down tree branches and maybe help bundle them for heavy trash pickup, but the tree limbs and debris will eventually end up in a landfill.

Another key piece of information that demonstrates your landscaper or tree company’s commitment to the environment is the state of their work trucks or specialized machinery. Far too often basic landscapers dash from job to job in poorly-maintained trucks and other vehicles with high exhaust emissions, contributing to poor air quality in Houston. Additionally, many basic tree trimmers use poorly maintained or aging equipment, which is not only dangerous to use but also can emit higher levels of harmful fumes into the air. A landscape company or tree service provider that supports the protection of the environment will have well-maintained service trucks with lower emission levels, and specialized machinery that is safe to use and also in excellent working condition.

Finally, quality landscapers and tree service companies demonstrate their willingness to promote and protect Houston’s beauty and natural environment through tree preservation and city beautification efforts. Basic landscapers and tree service workers will typically focus on securing their next job with little to no regard of the surrounding community or landscape. However, landscapers and tree service providers that truly desire to strengthen and protect our Houston-area environment offer such services as tree preservation during construction projects, or they donate tree maintenance services to protect historic and majestic trees in jeopardy.

As a premiere Houston-area landscape and tree service company, LMC daily demonstrates their commitment to protecting and preserving our local landscapes, trees and beauty for generations to come. LMC offers quality landscape and tree care services that promote the health, beauty and value of commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area, utilizing industry-leading safety techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. LMC is committed to protecting our environment through recycling all greenwaste and tree debris to reduce landfill use, using reusable greenwaste collection bags instead of harmful plastic trash bags, and using well-maintained service vehicles and equipment to reduce emissions.

The services performed by LMC also embrace their commitment to the environment, such as trimming trees to improve their growth and health, thus promoting air quality by reducing carbon dioxide levels. LMC also believes that protecting Houston’s beautiful and historic trees is a beneficial investment for our city’s health and aesthetic value, resulting in LMC donating tree services on multiple occasions to preserve trees vital to our city’s landscape or to strengthen and improve tree health at local schools.

For more information on how you can partner with a Houston-area landscape and tree service company that is serious about protecting and promoting our local environment, contact LMC for all your commercial property needs. Contact LMC directly for more information, or go online to request a free consultation with their Certified Arborists or Landscape Professionals.

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