What is best for Fall & Winter Seasonal Color Selection in the Houston Area? What are some tips for proper care and installation?

What is best for Fall & Winter Seasonal Color Selection in the Houston Area? What are some tips for proper care and installation?

Updating your landscape with seasonal color is the best way to give your property a fresh look on a regular basis. As temperatures begin to cool down in the fall, we look to select flowers that can still handle the occasional warm day, offer beautiful hues that accentuate the season, and perform until the weather transitions to winter temperatures.

Some of our favorites for planting winter seasonal color of year include:

Snapdragons: This selection is a great way to add some height to your color beds. They come is many bright colors and can remain in your landscape through the winter months.

Amazon Dianthus: The three colors included in the Amazon series, Neon Purple, Neon Cherry, and Rose Magic, are brilliant and eye-catching. Neon Purple and Neon Cherry practically glow, their colors are so intense and vivid.

Dusty Miller: Dusty miller is a great complimentary foliage plant for flowering annuals. Best used as an accent plant in containers and as a border or planted as a contrast for darker flowers or foliage.

Violas: A low, spreading annual that provides dense clusters of vibrant flowers from fall through spring. Excellent for borders, mass plantings, and containers.

Cyclamen: Cyclamen features downward-facing flowers with reflexed petals at the ends of the stems during the cool season. Its bold heart-shaped leaves remain green in color throughout the season. A great way to add texture and distinctive color to your landscape.

What about pansies, you may wonder. It is true that pansies can weather temperatures in the single digits and bounce back after the weather warms which makes them one of our absolute favorites for winter color selection. They can be that strong and resourceful only if they’ve had a chance to get a good footing (developing a strong root system) before cold weather hits. For best results, plant pansies after temperatures significantly cool in November.

Selection is important to creating colorful displays for fall and winter flowers that add interest and draw attention to your commercial property. Equally as important as selection is proper maintenance of these plants. LMC has dedicated color installation and maintenance crews that specialize in continuous maintenance of our client’s color to ensure it is gorgeous at all times. Soil preparation is perhaps the most important aspect in maintaining seasonal color areas. This begins with the addition of large quantities of organic matter to obtain optimum aeration, drainage, and water-holding characteristics. Fertilizer should also be incorporated into new beds as well as a pre-emergent to keep weed maintenance to a minimum. Adding a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch adds a decorative “finished” look as it reduces weeds and conserves soil moisture for better growth. A proper irrigation schedule with optimal coverage is necessary for your color beds. To promote blooms throughout the season, some varieties of fall and winter color need to have expired blooms pinched regularly.

Selecting a well-adapted seasonal color combination is the most critical element for success with flowers in the landscape. There are literally hundreds of varieties available but few will thrive in our stressful environment. Our color consultant specializes in making sure LMC produces the most beautiful commercial color beds in the city. Give us a call to add your commercial property to this program.

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