The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

The Importance of Knowing How and When To Water

Water is a vital part of our own health, and also the health of our lawns, gardens, and trees. Although there are studies and recommendations regarding our own personal daily water consumption, there can be confusion about how much water commercial properties, gardens, and trees actually need. Some of the watering confusion stems from differences in grass, plants, tree species, as well as which region or zone your commercial property is located. In today’s blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of knowing how and when to water your commercial property, and also the most effective and environmentally friendly way to hydrate your property.

The Correct Amount of Water

One of the biggest areas of confusion regarding watering commercial properties is exactly how much water grass, plants, and trees need to thrive in our hot and humid climate. Ideally, a commercial property should be watered once to twice a week, depending on the size of the property and the time of year. Weather conditions can impact property health, so make sure to monitor weather conditions regarding potential rainfall or drought conditions. Avoid situations where plants, trees, and grass are in standing water as this can compromise plant health. As long as the soil is wet five to six inches below the surface, then plants and tree roots will get the hydration they need to remain healthy and strong.

The Correct Time of Day to Water

Another important factor to consider when watering commercial properties is the time of day in which watering occurs. The optimal time to water a commercial property is between the evening and morning hours. This reduces the amount of water lost due to evaporation and also the amount of water needed to properly hydrate the soil and plant roots.  By having an automated sprinkler or irrigation system, commercial property owners can ensure that the property is watered well even when the business is closed, and they can save on labor costs by not needing maintenance crews or landscape management companies to water their property for them. 

Watering Effectively Without Harming the Environment

In order to effectively water a commercial property, an automated sprinkler (irrigation) system is needed in order to maintain an even, regulated watering schedule. Whether it’s a traditional sprinkler system, or a drip-line irrigation system, automated watering ensures that commercial property owners control the exact amount of water going out onto the property, which is beneficial for cost controls and annual utility budgeting. In addition, automated sprinkler systems and drip-line irrigation plans benefit the environment by ensuring water is applied in specific target areas and is not wasted.

Regardless of the property size and location, automated sprinkler systems are a source of savings for commercial property owners. In addition to reducing water consumption and utility costs, they also reduce overall property maintenance costs by keeping plants, trees, and grass in better health and avoiding high removal and replacement costs. If you own or manage a commercial property and are concerned about proper watering for your lawn, plants, and trees, give LMC a call today. Our Landscape Professionals can assess your current property watering needs and efficiently install an irrigation system that will hydrate and protect your commercial property for years to come. Call LMC today for more information, or go online for a free consultation!

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