What Risks Are Lurking On Your New Commercial Property?

What Risks Are Lurking On Your New Commercial Property?

Getting a new commercial property can be an exciting opportunity, whether you’re upgrading to a larger space, opening a second location, or moving to a more strategic area. However, if you’re not careful, buying a new commercial property can also come with hidden risks that could lead to unexpected costs or even liability issues. In today’s LMC blog post, we’ll look at a few risks that you should definitely look for before you buy or move into your new commercial space to help eliminate risk factors.


Because of the value trees bring to a commercial property, many new developments and existing commercial properties will have a few trees on site already. Before you buy a commercial site or open up your business, you should first have trees inspected to determine what maintenance is needed, such as Tree Pruning, Cabling and Bracing, Deep Root Fertilization, or even Tree Removal. This can help prevent tree loss, property damages, or personal injuries from weak or damaged trees.

Sprinkler Systems

Most commercial properties come with irrigation systems in place to take care of watering needs for lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees. However, most new commercial property owners don’t think to get irrigation systems inspected and tested before buying, only to learn later that they don’t work well or need repairs or replacement. Be sure to have irrigation systems inspected by Irrigation Professionals in order to test their functionality and to ensure all zones will get adequate watering, or you could lose valuable turf, plants, and trees later.

Landscape And Security Lighting

Finally, landscape and security lighting are important features to any commercial property as they improve safety for employees and customers as well as curb appeal through highlighting specific features of the property at night. All landscape and security lights should be tested and the property should be evaluated at night to determine which areas could benefit from additional lighting, especially surface lots and parking garages.

LMC is pleased to help Houston area commercial property owners get the beautiful, safe, and healthy properties they want through our full range of professional, safe, and efficient Landscape and Tree Care services. Our team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists excel at evaluating property health and choosing the right course of maintenance and services for your specific property needs. Contact LMC today at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

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