The Dangers of Poor Property Drainage

The Dangers of Poor Property Drainage

There are a variety of issues that can threaten the health, beauty and value of a commercial property in Houston. These can include extreme heat, diseases and insectsinvasive weeds, and poor watering. Another common threat to Houston property owners comes from poor property drainage during rainstorms or flash floods. When commercial property owners do not have poor drainage issues corrected, this can lead to increased landscape costs, substantial damages and property dangers for years to come. In today’s blog post, we will look at three specific dangers that come from poor property drainage and how they impact a property.

Diminished Soil Health

When a commercial property experiences frequent and sustained flooding or standing water after a rainstorm, the property soil can suffer both immediate and long-term damages. Poor drainage and standing water can cause soil oxygen levels to decrease, harming plant and tree roots. In addition, frequent flooding can also deposit dangerous contaminants, excess sediment and rocks onto the soil, further damaging soil health.

Tree and Landscape Losses

Another key indicator that poor soil drainage is impacting a property is the diminished health of nearby plants, grass and trees. After a period of frequent flooding and standing pools of water, the property soil can begin to erode or expose plant and tree roots. In addition, property flooding that leaves branches and leaves submerged for an extended period of time can severely damage or even kill plants and trees. Finally, trees and plants can also become more susceptible to dangerous fungi and bacteria that thrive on areas of excess moisture.

Property Damage

Finally, frequent flooding and pools of standing water can also lead to costly and dangerous property damage, such as flooding of businesses and commercial vehicles, or foundation problems. In addition, trees that are subjected to constant flooding can have weakened root systems, making trees unstable and much more likely to topple onto nearby people or property.

If your commercial property or industrial lot remains flooded, even after a mild rainstorm, then it is time to contact the landscape experts of LMC about their Drainage Services. The Landscape Professionals of LMC can analyze the current condition and elevation of your property and take proactive steps to level the soil and provide effective drainage solutions to protect both the health and beauty of your property. LMC also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services, including Landscape MaintenanceTree PruningTree PlantingWeed Control ServicesSoil AerationIrrigation Installation, and Seasonal Planting and Mulching. Contact LMC today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.

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