The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Part Two

In our previous post, we discussed how commercial property owners have many choices when it comes to landscape maintenance, and how they fall into the categories of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Today’s blog post will highlight the Good, Bad and Ugly tree service companies for commercial property owners. Understanding the differences between each one will help ensure that trees receive beneficial and proper care, and not neglect or poor care.

When it comes to Good tree care service companies, there are several important distinguishing factors to consider. First, a Good tree care company maintains and improves the health, financial value and beauty of trees through proper tree care practices. Good tree care companies offer a full range of tree services performed by degreed and professional Certified Arborists, as opposed to the Bad and Ugly tree care companies that offer a very limited range of tree services, or simply one kind of specific tree care service performed by amateur or unsafe workers. The Certified Arborists of Good tree care companies perform tree trimming using industry-approved standards for proper tree cuts, allowing trees to receive proper pruning without suffering deep wounds that can jeopardize the tree’s health. Trees that are pruned and maintained by Good tree care companies are done so utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and safety equipment to ensure the protection and safety of workers, owners and surrounding property. Good tree companies also voluntarily adhere to the ANSI A300 as a guiding standard for proper tree care. Trees maintained by Good tree care companies receive proper levels of healthy organic mulch and also are carefully monitored for any tree diseases or invasive pests. Good tree companies will be able to identify and quickly treat tree diseases or insect infestations to preserve the life of trees on commercial properties.

It is important for property owners in need of tree care to also understand the realities of hiring Bad or Ugly tree care companies and how their substandard services can negatively impact the health, beauty and value of their trees and property. Bad tree service companies typically offer a very limited range of tree services such as tree trimming and tree planting, but without the expertise and training of the Certified Arborists from Good tree companies. As a result, their tree trimming is often not performed using proper, industry approved methods and without OSHA-required safety equipment. As a result, trees can experience shock because of poor branch cuts that leave wounds, weakening the tree and reducing future growth. Tree removal by Bad tree service companies is frequently performed using little to no safety equipment or cables, putting the owner and their surrounding property in jeopardy from falling debris. Bad tree care companies can also jeopardize commercial property owners through their unsafe and environmentally unfriendly debris removal services. Rather than safely removing and recycling greenwaste like Good tree care companies, the Bad tree service companies will stack limbs, branches and tree trunk debris in dumpsters or in landfills. This careless tree debris disposal creates both a larger carbon footprint and a hazard for property owners because of the rodents the debris attracts, as well as parking and safety concerns because of the stacked debris.

This is an example of bad tree debris removal.  The stack of debris is unsafe and likely to attract rodents at the commercial property site.

When it comes to Ugly tree care companies, there are many victims of their subpar and reckless services here in the greater Houston area. The calling card of the Ugly tree care provider is the poor state of their client’s trees, often excessively pruned and heavily damaged with stunted growth. Ugly tree care providers are often amateur, mom & pop workers that provide a single service like tree trimming or tree removal, but without the use of any kind of safety equipment or protective gear. Their reckless and often hazardous tree services leaves trees with little to no beauty, health or value because of their lack of training and understanding of tree health. In addition, tree workers from Ugly tree care companies typically do not have the training or experience to identify and properly treat tree diseases or insect infestations, leading to added costs to property owners for tree removal and tree replacement. Many Ugly tree care providers cause additional damage to nearby property while performing tree trimming or tree removal, making the owners liable for repairs or replacement costs to vehicles, building, irrigation systems and other property.

LMC is *the* Good tree care service provider for the greater Houston area, providing exceptional tree maintenance and customer service for commercial properties of all sizes. LMC is a professional landscape and tree service company offering a full range of services including landscape maintenancetree trimmingtree removaltree plantingirrigation installation and maintenancetree disease and insect treatment, ornamental stonework, specialty lighting, and seasonal planting and mulching. LMC’s team of skilled Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals excel in providing top-quality landscape and tree maintenance services that improve the overall health, beauty and value of commercial properties, all while using award-winning safety techniquesContact LMC directly for more information, or go online to request a free consultation with their Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals.

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