What’s Wrong With My Soil?

What’s Wrong With My Soil?

For commercial property owners, one of the first things typically done to their land is the planting of trees and landscape gardens in order to add beauty and increase the value of their property. However, there are some obstacles that can hinder or completely prevent plant and tree growth, resulting in less desirable landscapes. One of the most common but often overlooked obstacles of plant and tree growth is poor soil quality.

Several kinds of soil types exist in the Texas Gulf Coast region, but whether your property contains sandy soil, clay soil, loam soil, or a mix of these, soil problems can occur in all types. As a result, having a proper soil analysis is key to reversing soil issues and getting the needed soil amendments to make your soil a healthy environment for your lawn, landscape gardens and trees. Soil analysis starts with Landscape Professionals taking a soil survey on your property, gathering soil samples to test for soil components and nutrient levels. Once the soil samples are tested in a laboratory, the Landscape Professionals utilize the results to create a soil treatment plan that corrects and improves soil health.  They can also perform soil aeration to help foster a healthy soil environment that can take in the correct amount of water, oxygen and other essential nutrients for future health and growth.  

There are several common soil quality issues that compromise the health of your property. These can be unstable soil pH levels, nutrient deficiencies in the soil, poor moisture retention, fungal/bacterial contamination, contaminants in your water supply, or soil compaction. Any one of these soil issues can lead to stunted or limited growth among your lawn, trees and plants, and having multiple soil issues can lead to severe dehydration or even plant and tree death. Seeking prompt treatment for your soil issues is essential to protect your investment and ensure you do not waste thousands of dollars on lawn, plant or tree removal and replacement because of damage caused by poor soil.

For thorough, high-quality soil analysis and soil treatment options, contact the Landscape Professionals of LMC. Their specially trained landscape team will work with you to conduct a soil survey from all across your property, explain the soil content results with you and recommend the best course of treatment to ensure years of healthy, thriving trees and landscape gardens. Request a visit today or contact LMC directly for more information.

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